Lucky Little Mustardseed’s Policies

The Blog [Itself]:

Lucky Little Mustardseed was created and is written solely by, me, Jenna Carlson as “a truthful evolution of self, happiness, and everything creative in between.”

– New posts will happen [at least] each week. See, when I first started out, I was blogging five days a week. Yes, I can be absolutely bonkers at times ;)

– The content of my writings include [but are not limited to] “happy” stuff, personal thoughts, creative endeavors, food, fashion, and shear-utter randomness. I vow to always be truthful and only blog about items I totally love and/or desperately want.

– My branding architect is The Design Stylist; she designed the blog and both logos of my businesses, Lucky Little Mustardseed and Homebird Upholstery. If you are an entrepreneur with a new idea [or a business just looking for rebrand] Ashley Howard Goltz is the gal for the job!

– The duplicating of my text is strictly prohibited. Please email me before using any content via email: Jenna[at]luckylittlemustardseed[dot]com. Be that as it may, I DO encourage you, though, to affix as many of my ramblings, projects, recipes, and/or looks to your Pinterest boards as you like.


– I, Jenna Carlson, capture a majority of the photos you see here on the blog. If there’s a Lucky Little Mustardseed watermark, it is [in fact] a Lucky Little Mustardseed photo and is my protected property.

– Photos not taken by me WILL be given credit when credit is due; directly below the picture with a clickable link to the other photographer’s website. I do NOT use photos of public domain and that are readily available on the Internet.

– The camera I personally use is a Nikon 1 J1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera.

– If you wish to use any of my photos, please contact me via email: Jenna[at]luckylittlemustardseed[dot]com. Please always give photo credit to Lucky Little Mustardseed as failure to do so is in a direct violation of copyright and is punishable by law.

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