A Year of Wearing Cabi!

A year has quickly passed since I was first introduced to the fashion brand, Cabi, and let’s just say, y’all, that I think it’s safe to say that this has been [HANDS DOWN] one of my most stylish years yet!


And this is ONLY a small grouping of the different looks I’ve created over the past year with their clothing line :D yep, Cabi has definitely become one of my favorite go-to labels for ALL THINGS FASHIONABLE! So much so, the wonderful people at Cabi invited myself and a girlfriend to participate in an actual Cabi Shopping Experience firsthand! Thus, a few weeks ago with my BF Leslie in tow, we were warmly welcomed into a stranger’s home with a Cabi stylist, where we shopped to our heart’s content!


From start to finish, the Cabi Shopping Experience we experienced that day was exactly that = AN EXPERIENCE! It was one of the most delightful [non-frustrating] shopping events of my life! We sat back and relaxed as the Cabi stylist presented us an unedited designer collection from Cabi’s Fall 2017 line, right there in someone’s living room; no malls, no lines, no problems finding parking, which is something I think any of us ladies would gladly appreciate, ESPECIALLY this time of year! Do you feel me?!


Truthfully, I was really impressed with how knowledgeable the Cabi stylist was regarding the entire collection and how fabulous all the clothes in said collection were; all designed extremely well and very interchangeable, giving any #stylecrazed gal like myself an endless sea of options in regards to her wardrobe :) I mean SURE, I’ve been wearing Cabi’s clothing for a year now, but it was so awesome to EXPERIENCE an entire collection with all my senses, making it uber difficult not to buy the whole rack!


“You don’t need really expensive clothes to look cute.” — Christy Romano


Thank you to our gracious host and our Cabi stylist for such a wonderful EXPERIENCE a few weeks back. Leslie and I are so in love with the clothing we acquired that day and cannot wait to shop Cabi’s upcoming Spring 2018 collection that’s launching mid-January! You can preview said collection by clicking here. And if you’re like me and are interested in checking out a Cabi Shopping Experience for yourself and don’t yet have a Stylist of your own, please click this link ;) all of those who book a Shopping Experience in the month of February this next year will receive 50% off a Fashion Flash item [which is an early release of 5 items from Cabi’s upcoming Spring 2018 Collection] how rad is that?! Seriously, give yourself the gift of easy style with high fashion by booking a Cabi Shopping Experience today. I swear you and your closest will be happy you did! HaPpY Shopping, y’all!!

Outfit Details:

Glasses: Versace / Necklace: Paper Source [Seriously!] / Sweater & Pants: Cabi / Boots: Dr. Martens

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