Betty and Veronica Pins!

To pin or not to pin? THAT has been the question for little over a year now . . . I’ve been a bit hesitant about collecting something else, because UMM, does Jenna honestly need another “thing” to collect?! I mean she does have 14+ pairs of glasses after all ;) lol! But my uncertainty quickly became a whopping YASS once I found out that the fashion brand, Betty and Veronica, had released their own set of pins! You might remember being introduced to this them via my Instagram account at this year’s Fashion Week San Diego when my girlfriend, Leslie Miller, and I donned pop art-inspired Betty and Veronica outfits?!


WELL whether you do or you don’t, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the Betty and Veronica brand. All of their pieces feature either original [OR inspired by] artwork by legendary Archie Comics illustrators, Dan DeCarlo and Dan Parent; GIVING this #stylecrazed #nerdygirl all the FEELS for this comic-strip-loving fashion brand. But my adoration for them doesn’t stop there = they also LOVE to collaborate with other artists as well [how rad is that?!] LIKE fashion designer, Rachel Antonoff [oh my gawd, we LOVE her!] and that’s what makes this pin collection extra special. They are the #creativeaftermath of Betty and Veronica’s most recent collaboration with quirky artist, Sara M. Lyons!


The collection includes sixteen different pins, which made it difficult for me to select only one [I know I should get more] but I of course settled on the “RONNIE THE RIVETER” pin for my love of girl power, all things vintage, and to commemorate my work with the La Valencia Hotel last year [remember that PINK LADY?!] the pin is gorgeous, measures approximately 1.25 in diameter and is made of super shiny, jewelry-quality hard enamel in gorgeous full color with glossy gunmetal plating and screen printed details. It also has a single-prong back with a black rubber clutch. OH, and OF COURSE is available in “Betty” ;)


“I’ve always felt that the comic strip medium stands equally beside all the other story telling mediums: novels, movies, stage plays, opera, you know, you name it.” — Dave Gibbons


SO, there you have it = Jenna is officially on the “pin collecting” bandwagon! Haha. My blogger gal pal, Any Second Now, is going to be oh-so pleased!! AND I’m not going to lie, y’all – I AM very pleased that “RONNIE” was the first pin of my collection and looks pretty stellar on this backpack I recently acquired from Target for the sole purpose of displaying this “growing” obsession :) yep, I bought a new bag just for my pins and I only have one! Here it begins! :) You’ve been warned! Lol!


Photos by 656 Photography / Jenna Pilant / J.DIXX Photography

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