DMTC 5.0

Another Opening Day at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club has come and gone, y’all!


Two days ago, this particular area of Del Mar was concentrated with a plethora of thoroughbred enthusiasts, gambling fools and #stylecrazed pals alike, all excited for another racing season to start where the turf meets the surf :) and I, for the fifth year-in-a-row, was one of them! Only this year, after a neat suggestion from my best friend, Leslie S. Miller, we decided to skip the usual fascinator route and opted for something a little more fresh instead = asymmetrical flower crowns from Fresh Crowns in San Diego! And golly-gee, I’m sure glad we did as not only was it a fun change for us but we also received so many compliments regarding our different take on “Opening Day” fashion.


Flower Crown: Fresh Crowns / Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana / Necklace: Nellene Tree

Dress: Trina Turk / Handbag: Kate Spade New York / Pumps: BCBG


For my flower crown, I sifted through my closet for the perfect dress. I knew I definitely wanted something that was both classy and colorful [you’re safe to guess that I had plenty to choose from ;) haha!] but unlike the past four years, I did NOT want to buy something new just for this occasion, ESPECIALLY since as of late I’ve been spending a small fortune on my Homebird Upholstery business — trying to further it into possible new areas . . . thus when I ran across this Trina Turk dress in my wardrobe from a couple years ago, I knew I had a sure bet! It’s cut is oh-so flattering on my Olive Oyl frame AND the bright hues of its pattern would give the flower crown lady plenty colors to choose from. Win-win!


“Happiness is the natural flower of duty.” — Phillips Brooks


Needless to say, I had another wonderful time at Opening Day in Del Mar AND like Leslie said on Wednesday, “No Instastories filter was needed!”

Photos by Leslie S. Miller

Location: Flower Child





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