Taco Tuesday

Did someone say tacos??

HaPpY Tuesday, y’all!! It’s the start of a VERY short work week for me as we leave for two of our best friends’ wedding in Palm Springs on Friday morning, so there are lots to do in a short amount of time :/ but when life gives me weeks like these, there is nothing more I love than some Mexican food and quirky sweatshirts. I know = a bit of a weird combination ;) but read me out. The Mexican food because, well, its delicious. Duh! Plus, there is a great little spot right across the highway from our house [SO CONVENIENT] so when this upholstery artist doesn’t have the time to worry about lunch, two carnitas tacos usually does the trick!


The sweatshirts on the other hand are just simply great. They are comfortable; can easily be taken on or off according to my body’s temp, which is usually on the colder side, and are an uncomplicated way to add a fun element to my more often than not colorful wardrobe!  AND let me tell you, THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE TO BUY A QUIRKY SWEATSHIRT FROM THAN [drumroll please] Bow and Drape with their endless combination of personalized apparel. This particular sweatshirt is an absolute favorite of mine not only because of its humor but also because it’s from a past collaboration that Bow and Drape partook in a few years ago with one of my favorite artists = Donald Robertson!


Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana / Sweatshirt: Bow & Drape / Gingham Button-Up: Old Navy (It’s Ancient!)

Purse: Kate Spade New York / Jeans: Citizen’s of Humanity / Sneakers: Puma x Solange




“Quirky is what a guy would call a girl he doesn’t understand.” — Kat Dennings

I honestly don’t know how this #girlboss would survive the demands of her job without the many eccentric sweatshirts in my closet’s arsenal. Haha! I think too many times it’s a staple item that is overlooked. They are a TERRIFIC way to be both cute and comfy on the job and I adore them for that! You can also easily dress them up or dress them down, depending on your day, your mood and that to-do list ;) there’s just no good reason, y’all, to not let your personality shine through your wardrobe and a great way to start can be as simple as a sweatshirt! Really. Try it out!!

Photos by Henry S. Young







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