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Over the past weekend, my husband and I had the honor of witnessing something truly magically = the wedding of two of our best friends, Rick and Vanessa, at Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs, California.

Simply put, it’s been a day I’ve been eager for ever since Rick told me his plans to propose to Vanessa — not only because they are great together [because they are] but also because I want the girlfriends in my life to have EVERYTHING they’ve ever wanted and I’ve known how long Vanessa has waited for this day [“Hopeless Romantic. Party of One!”] so yeah, I’ve been a little giddy about attending this one-in-a-lifetime EPIC event.

Can you really blame me though??


Now when it comes to weddings, I tend to plan my looks well in advance and this one was no exception. I started in mid-November and knew I wanted a vintage-esque dress [hopefully] in Vanessa’s favorite color family, PINK! The search was a little exhausting but thanks to one of those awesome Kate Spade SURPRISE Sales, I was able to acquire this pleated cape dress in persimmon grove for such a steal of a price. Yes, it wasn’t the exact “pink” I was going for ;) but still felt the hue helped honored my friend and her big day. I also loved the way the dress moved, so that was an extra bonus for that wedding reception dance floor! “Billie Jean is not my lover . . . ”


From there, I used my Swedish Love Story necklace and bracelet to help tie the bright coral of the dress with my actually pink-colored shoes and glasses. Isn’t it rad what a good set of accessories can do?! I also thought they could not be more appropriate for such an occasion. I mean “love story”?? Come on, people! Utter perfection!!


And then the FUN clutch, well, it was a last-minute add-on and I just knew it would totally embody the day, because let’s face it = Jenna had an absolute blasty-blast at their wedding.  I did. I really did.


Glasses, Dress & Clutch: Kate Spade New York / Necklace & Bracelet: MoMA Store / Heels: Sam Edelman


I laughed. I cried. I had so much FUN and was smiling so hard I’m sure I looked like I fell asleep with a hanger in my mouth. LOL! I also danced. I danced my *ss off.


“Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.” — Anne Hathaway


Needless to say, I am BEYOND happy for our friends, Rick and Vanessa :) “THE MOORTENS!!” SEE, I’m STILL giddy from the entire ordeal. Haha! I loved my outfit. I loved seeing Rick be so nervous [it was adorable] I loved the location. I loved watching my stunner of a girlfriend walk down the aisle [seriously most gorgeous bride ever] I loved crying/laughing/hanging with our mutual friends. I just loved EVERYTHING about it and wouldn’t have changed a single thing. Love is a beautiful and powerful thing, y’all, and it was SO VERY present there on Saturday. The greatest. And just in case you think I’m exaggerating, well, here’s a two-minute sneak peak. Don’t act like you haven’t been warned ;) ENJOY!! >>> Rick & Vanessa’s Palm Springs Wedding!

Photos by Henry S. Young









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