2017 = My Year of No!

HaPpY New Year, everyone!!

I’ve had sort of a slow start blogging-wise this January . . . oh, who am I kidding?? I’ve just had a slow start all-around. I mostly blame the weather, because, well, we live in San Diego and it’s suppose to be sunny outside, right?! I mean it’s a good thing = all the rain we’ve been having, but it’s totally killing my vibe. I’ve had to cancel two #stylecrazed photoshoots with Henry, the dogs are going absolute crazy – peeing and pooping inside while their mother [ME] pleads for them not to, AND all I want to do is make grilled Muenster cheese sandwiches and dip them in creamy tomato soup ALL THE LIVELONG DAY! Lol. I’m telling you it’s not good for Jenna. You should have seen me growing up in Nebraska!! I was a complete shut-in come winter time. I definitely think I have that seasonal affective disorder thing, but that’s a different blog post for another time. No, the real reason I am writing you today is the obligatory “New Year, New Me” blog post you find most of us bloggers writing this time of year, but this year, I’m going about this whole thing in a most likely [terribly] wrong way.

Yep, this blog post isn’t about what I’m going to plan to accomplish.


Nope, this year is all about me saying that little two-letter word = “NO” and I don’t mean it in a negative way but more as a positive exercise for myself. See, your Lucky Little Mustardseed grew up being a “people pleaser” and although most of you probably wouldn’t have guessed that about me now, I did and I was. I mean I have made leaps and bounds in this department, especially since leaving Nebraska almost nine years ago AND meeting my love of my life, D, AND seeking professional help through my therapist, Saint Joni [that’s what I like to call her] for the past two years, but it still isn’t enough. I’m honestly not sure why, but last year, I still found myself saying yes to things that in hindsight made me unhappy or miserable or stressed OR [frankly] all of the above. I also found myself saying “yes” by accepting the way certain people in my life still treat me and that isn’t fair to me or all the hard work I’ve done in the “me” department. So this year, 2017, I am going to say no right when my gut tells me to. I’m not going to try to justify it to myself nor bite my lip as I give some asshole an acceptable grin. Nope, I am going to listen to Jenna from the get-go and I’m going to respond accordingly.

“Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.” — W. Clement Stone

And again, this isn’t meant as a negative thing. I truly believe that more positivity will enter my life because of it and I plan to keep track, y’all = by writing each thing I say “no” to on a small piece of paper and placing it in my little “NO” jar ;) only time will tell if this lady is capable of saying N-O! Wish me luck.

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