Wayne’s World Costume


Halloween is absolutely one of the best holidays, BUT verses buying or renting a costume each and every year, I thoroughly enjoy making them [usually from items already in my closet] so this year I thought I would share with you four different costumes ideas I created from movies I love!

For my first costume this week, I started with Wayne Campbell from the hilarious 90s movie, Wayne’s World!


Photo by Henry S. Young

I was only in second grade when Wayne’s World hit the big screen in 1992. It was based off of a recurring character Mike Myer‘s created for Saturday Night Live and is still one of my favorite comedies today.


Photo by Henry S. Young

And it’s an insanely simple costume to throw together, ESPECIALLY with its iconic “Wayne’s World” hat only being $13.00 on Amazon.com! I mean how rad is that?! I was honestly surprised it was so cheap :D


Photo by Henry S. Young

From there, the rest is easy-peasy! All you pretty much need is a black cotton t-shirt, some ripped Levi’s, and black Converse tennis shoes and = SCHWING! You’ve got yourself an EXCELLENT costume!


Photo by Henry S. Young

Oh, and [of course] you need to nail those goofy Wayne Campbell expressions Mike Myer‘s came up with for this beloved character ;) I think I did pretty well considering! Lol. What do you think??


Photo by Henry S. Young

“What I’d really love is to do Wayne’s World for a living. It might happen. Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.” — Wayne Campbell


Photo by Henry S. Young

Whether you love it or hate it, lke with any Halloween costume, the best thing to keep in mind when creating is to have fun and to not take yourself too seriously :) tune back here tomorrow for my next costume!



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  1. Kali says:

    This is EXCELLENT! You even found a dusty blue slug bug to boot! Great job!

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