FWSD 2016: The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion

Hello from cloud nine! I am smiling ear-to-ear today :) coming down from a weekend filled to the brim with fashionable goodness. That’s right! Last week was Fashion Week here in San Diego, so it’s time for me [once again] to break down the outfits I wore and share with you what I personally loved from each stylish event.


Photo by Henry S. Young

The first night of Fashion Week San Diego 2016 was the Art & Beauty Behind Fashion held at the titillating Shane Bowden Gallery in La Jolla — so rather than the clothing being the focal point, the evening was centered around the hair, makeup, and art behind this beloved industry.


Photo by Henry S. Young

Thus, I allowed my look to embody both the location as well as the night’s theme ;) starting with the dress!


Photo by Henry S. Young

Since Shane Bowden has become such a rock star in the art world, I decided to follow suit by wearing my Alice & Olivia “Jerry Bear” sheath dress; a prized article of clothing inspired by the American rock band, The Grateful Dead, that honestly feels like a piece of artwork itself every single time I slip it on.


Photo by Henry S. Young

From there, I decided to add some additional funk through my accessories by pulling from the various colors of Stanley Mouse’s 1972 album illustrations. For the green, my Dolce & Gabbana glasses. The purple = this bold “Violet Vixen” lipstick from Maybelline New York. A dash of subtle pink highlights provided by a cassette tape bangle and this pop art-esque “i + u = [heart]²” clutch. The heart’s red was an added bonus; matching the Jerry Bear on my left shoulder.


Photo by Henry S. Young

I then finalized the show-stopper essence I was going for with these Steve Madden glitter-tastic pumps that surprisingly enough got WAAY more compliments than any other part of my ensemble. Just goes to show you that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder ;) and the same goes for fashion as I thought my dress took the cake! Lol.


Photo by Henry S. Young

In every corner of this energetic gallery, the night was flowing with so much electricity. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one pumped for Fashion Week San Diego 2016 :D from the contemporary artwork walls to the live DJ music in the air, people were enjoying themselves and I just loved its also laid back vibe. We were able to roam the room, unrestricted to our normal runway seats. Models on risers were adorned in the French underwear/clothing brand, Pullin, as Detour Salon‘s street-savvy stylists deconstructed, reformed, and challenged the standards of beauty on site through their medium of hair. The night was simply a HIT! And the way I decided to dress ended up just the icing on the cake!


Photo by Henry S. Young

“The joy of dressing is an art.” — John Galliano


Photo by Henry S. Young

Hair: Vibrancé / Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana / Lips: Maybelline New York

Dress: Alice & Olivia / Ring, Bangle & Clutch: Kate Spade New York / Pumps: Steve Madden


Photo by Henry S. Young

For full event photos, please click here for the Fashion Week San Diego Facebook page [656 Photography really helps tell the real story] AND please check back here regularly this rest of the week as I post more recaps about what I wore and what fun each night entailed. MUAH!

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  1. Kali says:

    This look is EVERYTHING! Each colorful pop is totally Jenna – whimsical, creative and chic! I honestly can’t get over the A&O dress – to die for!

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