For the past three years or so, my girlfriend Leslie has been asking me to join her on a girls trip with some of her college friends to go visit her mom on the island of Nantucket [right off the coast of Boston] but since Me and D were save-save-saving for our forever home, I always declined . . . but now that we own our forever home, my answer was different this year and thank goodness she on kept asking! Lol. It’s been about a week since our five-day trip and I am still reeling from all the beauty that is Nantucket. I honestly do not believe I can do the island justice with my words, so for the most part, I am going to allow the pictures to do the talking with a few sentences in-between :) ENJOY!


I snapped the above pic on the day of our arrival. I mean my heart didn’t stand a chance = I was head-over-heels in love the moment I saw it and breathed in that Atlantic air!



This was an art installation inside one of the shops; you could win a prize if you could spot the rubber ducky facing right. Not to brag, but I spotted it in an instant with these artist eyes ;) new house goals!


Saturday afternoon we spent a few hours on Cisco Beach [above] me under umbrella while the other ladies sunbathed. Such beauty.


My only regret of the trip was not buying one of these high-end boaters; they were so cute but so expensive and since I don’t wear hats a whole lot . . .




This seafood vendor’s tip jar made me snicker — sometimes I have such a thirteen-year-old boy’s sense of humor! Haha.



This was the only picture on my camera of us girls from the trip [Leslie, her college friend/sorority sister Jen, and I] “Jenna” from a few years ago would have been really upset about not taking more, but I have gotten so much better about being in the moment, so I’m not mad at all. This was taken at Cisco Brewery, where there was not only beer, but wine, hard cider, food vendors, and live music. If I lived there, I would literally hangout here every weekend. Such a laid-back vibe. LOVED IT!





I loved this door painted the “Nantucket Red” (ABOVE) and I now have a new flower obsession (BELOW) I’ve always thought Hydrangeas were pretty but now I am OBSESSED! They were literally everywhere.


As you can tell from some of my pictures, shingle siding is the way on the island. I took this picture to show you old shingles verses new; the gray color is a result of the salt in the ocean air. So cool!





One of my main goals of this trip was to visit one of Nantucket‘s three lighthouses. Leslie’s mom, Nancy, made that happen for me on our last full day on the island. This one is the Sankaty Head Lighthouse.



I thought it sort of looked like a to-go coffee cup with a cardboard ring around it from this view :) now there’s a million-dollar souvenir idea! I think tourists would definitely buy that!



One afternoon we just walked around looking at all of the beautiful houses. I quickly noticed that most of the houses had punny names ;) their signs are called quarterboards and I really want one for our home now.


After my infatuation with them, Nancy took us to the famous Nantucket Carving & Folk Art Inc. [the producer of those quarterboard signs] they had a 6-8 month waiting list. They also had some friends outside; look at these cute, little duckies?! If only, I would have had some food for them.





“Nantucket. The name of the island that comes to mind rolling surf, cobblestone streets, brick mansions of whaling captains, a battered Jeep Wrangler with surfboards strapped to roll bars.” — Elin Hilderbrand, Summerland


This was my last view of Nantucket as we boarded the ferry to go back to Boston to catch a flight home [sigh] seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited! Thank you, Leslie, for this trip. It will forever have a very special place in my heart.



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  1. Linda Kepler says:

    Thank you for taking me to Nantucket with you thru your beautiful pictures. I’m so glad you had this fabulous experience.

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