Vanessa’s Surprise Engagement Tea

I’ve always thought that life doesn’t give you enough GOOD surprises . . . so a couple months ago [after a couples’ Sunday Fun Day brunch] an idea popped in my head = why hasn’t anyone thrown our girlfriend, Vanessa Balli, anything for her exciting engagement?! I quickly got on the phone with our mutual girlfriend, Allison Andrews, whom [of course] loved the idea and got to planning. This blog post is the “creative aftermath” of our love for our dear friend, hardwork, and a lot of tea ;) that’s right! Last weekend, we threw a Surprise Engagement Tea!


And what’s funny is Vanessa thought the three of us were just meeting at Allison’s Casa for a light lunch and tea.


Little did she know that us along with 5 other close girlfriends were waiting to surprise her with this!


Needless to say, the Surprise Engagement Tea went off without a hitch. Everyone arrived early, helped prep, and surprised Vanessa into happy tears. We laughed, sipped tea, shared relationship stories, and ate :) and boy, did we eat!


There were Prosciutto Deviled Egg Sandwiches [that I made] thanks Pinterest! Lol.


Sugar Cookie Tarts . . . Leslie, I need this recipe!


Maple Cinnamon Scones . . .


Berry-Good Angel Food Cake . . .


And every tea party must = Lemon Bars!


After we stuffed ourselves [yes, very ladylike – haha!] we showered Vanessa with gifts; most of them centered around the whole tea party theme.


The day was absolutely perfect and it made me so happy to see . . .


Our Vanessa BE so happy!


Plus, it’s fun to realize that by the early part of next year, the three of us will all have our M-R-S degrees ;)


Hats By Olivia

“The greatest sweetener of human life is friendship. To raise this to the highest pitch of enjoyment, is a secret which but few discover.” — Joseph Addison


And before I run off into my workweek, I have many thanks to give: THANK YOU to Allison Andrews for always being such a wonderful friend, an equally bad-ass hostess, and for helping me turn this small “surprise tea” idea into the wonderfully-adorable event it was. You’re. The. Best. And to the ladies of the tea, THANK YOU for jumping on board with the whole SURPRISE! element, dressing so adorably, and helping show Vanessa how much we love her. And last but not least, THANK YOU to the bride-to-be, Vanessa Balli = you are the reason this day came to be, not only because you deserve it, girl, but also because you are such an amazing friend that would do anything for any of us. You are going to make THEE most beautiful bride. Seriously.


Quick Addition: You can read Vanessa’s own reaction to her Surprise Engagment Tea by clicking here. Enjoy!

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