Cinco de Mayo Casual

Happy Cinco de Mayo, LLMers . . . OR should I say “Another Reason For America To Drink” Thursday :) HAHA!


Photo by Henry S. Young

No, but really, whether you’re Mexican or not, Cinco de Mayo has become quite the tradition here in America [even though it has nothing to do with our country really] and it’s not like I need another excuse to eat more Mexican food NOR to drink a couple more margaritas, but either way, it too has become a day I look forward to each year.


Photo by Henry S. Young

What is it about this holiday anyway? I mean I know I love it for its food and beverage, but maybe it’s also because it’s a chance to go out for happy hour with your friends – you know to celebrate Mexico crushing the French in 1862! “THIS. IS. SPARTA!” Okay, so maybe not totally. LOL! But it IS about as casual of a holiday as holidays go, so maybe that’s why?!


Photo by Henry S. Young

Either way, in true Jenna fashion, I dressed for the occasion today and threw together this low-key ensemble just so I could get me some chips and salsa . . . and guac. AND maybe some carnitas enchiladas. Ooo, and fried ice cream. Yes, don’t forget the fried ice cream, por favor! Wait, where was I?


Photo by Henry S. Young

Oh, that’s right! My outfit. So yeah, for Cinco de Mayo I like to keep things casual. For today’s simple look, I wore this woven Trina Turk tank top and these cut-off 3×1 jeans that I absolutely adore [so comfortable] I then spiced things up with chic Dior sunglasses, a funky pair of earrings, my trusty Kate Spade snail purse, and these Aztec-print Vans.


Photo by Henry S. Young

Sunglasses: Dior / Earrings: Oceanside Museum of Art [Forgive me :/ I can’t remember the artist’s name!]

Top: Trina Turk / Purse: Kate Spade New York / Jeans: 3×1 / Shoes: Vans


Photo by Henry S. Young

“Every year thousands of Americans mistakenly refer to Cinco de Mayo as Mexico’s Independence Day.” — Joe Baca


Photo by Henry S. Young

As you can see, this is a get-up that is as fun and as laid back as today’s festivities. I truly hope you and yours have an absolute marvelous Cinco de Mayo filled with as much Mexican food and tequila as you can eat/drink! Now I better scurry along; it’s not like this margarita is going to order itself ;) OLAY!

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