Style Crazed: Moving Box Fashion

#MeandD just completed our third move in over four years together . . . and even though one would figure that people like us, who move this frequently, would be pros by now, well, let’s just say that I must have mentally blocked out the pain or something, because as you probably already know [and I’ve quickly rediscovered] MOVING SUCKS!!! Monumentally sucks. Like you’re having a dang sneezing fit and cannot find a single tissue . . . OR you’re like me a few days ago, hangry and on your third day with no breakfast smoothie and wondering where the hell your freakishly-awesome Vitamix mixer is at . . . yeah-yeah, I know! #firstworldproblems.


Trust me. I keep trying to remind myself that a task takes as long as it takes, but oy vey! I am REALLY struggling here. I mean I wholeheartedly believe that moving brings out the worst in people and us “Type-A/O.C.D.”-ers notoriously don’t fair well with messy chaos. We LOOOVE order. We HAAATE moving. So I guess in all actuality I shouldn’t be surprised in the least that I am feeling the way I’m feeling = stressed, tired, and a tidbit like I’m living on CrAzY sauce! However, even in my current temperament, I AM still managing to wear a smile.


Because #1. coffee is amazing.


And #2. I’m definitely head-over-heels in LOVE with the house we purchased one week ago today. Not-to-mention, the added #3 bonus of [hopefully] never having to move again in this lifetime :) that’s right, folks! The Pilants are putting down some roots. HUZZAH!


But all joking aside, I know “there’s a time for everything” and realize that there’s a natural disorder that comes with changing zip codes. So even though I don’t like it, I’m going to try to embrace it and ultimately [sigh] try to cut myself a little slack . . . and I’m starting with my wardrobe!


Yep, when it comes to the ole moving hustle-bustle, comfort can be your absolute best friend. THUS, you should really try to use the things that bring you the most said comfort. For example, I love the taste of coffee but am not an avid drinker of it. I’m more of a tea girl. However, since I’m feeling pretty exhausted at the moment and can’t really be lying down on the job “Operation: Move,” it’s quickly become my go-to drink – putting a much-needed zinger in my step. And that’s also why this past week has had me living in my favorite kind of lounge pants = SUNDRY’s skinny sweatpants.


Coffee Mug: Vintage / Glasses: Kate Spade New York / Sweatshirt: Chaser / Sweatpants: Sundry / Shoes: Vans


Seriously. In the words of Tina Turner, [they’re] simply the best! Just imagine taking the softest sweater you own and making it into yoga pants. That’s exactly what it’s like to wear Sundry’s skinny sweatpants and that’s why I basically have the multiple pairs I do. Besides being SO soft, they conform very nicely to your body and don’t lose their shape at all, which is such a win-win in my book. They’re the perfect addition to any working woman’s lounge day wardrobe :)


“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” — Jane Austen


And ultimately will be my saving grace during this most difficult time ;) haha! See y’all on the other side of these moving boxes . . .

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