What I Wore To FWSD15

I am a firm believer for always dressing for the occasion, so it should be no surprise to you that I started planning my looks for Fashion Week San Diego‘s Runway Shows months in advance – not only so I could put my best stiletto forward BUT also so I could thoroughly enjoy this fashionable-fun week without the unneeded stress of putting an outfit together in the eleventh hour. Sure, it might sound crazy to YOU, but it is what I’ve slowly learned over the years that works best for my personality and allows the colorful me to shine through!

Style Crazed: What I Wore To FWSD15

This year for FWSD’s main event I wanted to go bold with pattern. Thus with shopping so early, I had the ability to patiently wait for uncommon motifs with the possibility of unique arrangements. Clothes that would ultimately make me eager to wear them and add a little extra spice to my already pretty colorful wardrobe. That’s why when I ran across this Alice & Olivia blouse with the iconic Drawbertson print, I knew in an instant it was the beginning of my ensemble for Thursday night’s “The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion” runway show that was going to be held over the pool at the La Valencia Hotel. [And, BOY, was that a swell presentation!] After this fabulous find of a shirt, Kate Spade New York quickly released a whole new sleuth of adorable handbags, so I was in luck acquiring this equally as special “mouse” accessory that so nicely matched the same grey in my top. I then paired it with my contemporary “Cat Eye” glasses, this faux-leather, pleated skirt, and these saucy red, patent leather pumps; creating a look that was as marvelous as Ted Gibson‘s hairstyles!

Style Crazed: What I Wore To FWSD-1

Glasses: Miu Miu via Andrews Optical / Blouse: Alice + Olivia / Purse: Kate Spade New York

Skirt: J.Crew / Pumps: Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom

For FWSD’s first official 2015 runway show, I honestly didn’t have the slightest clue as to what I wanted to wear but knew I would find it when I saw it and that’s exactly what happened! When I ran across this vintage-feeling number by Jena.Theo [of course we have the same first name!] I just had to have it. It was cut like a 60s, collared shirt dress but had a striking floral pattern that, as you know, has become popular for fall. And because of its eye-catching print, I decided to play off some of its lesser hues by wearing my teal Calvin Klein glasses to match its slightest aqua accents and my 90s-inspired backpack with black T-straps for its ink pot black outlines. I then threw on this glass-beaded necklace [I’ve literally had forever and sadly cannot remember where I purchased it from] for an extra fun pizzazz ;)

Style Crazed: What I Wore To FWSD-2

Glasses: Calvin Klein c/o Andrews Optical / Dress: Jena.Theo / Necklace: Honestly Not Sure :( Sorry!

Purse: Kate Spade New York / Pumps: Vince Camuto via Nordstrom

My “finale” runway look was a bit more happenstance. I don’t know if you this remember or not, but this past spring, when I was seriously struggling to find an evening look for a black tie affair, I ordered and sent back ten or so dresses . . . or so at least I thought :/ well, it turns out I had ordered an eleventh dress [I’m guessing sometime towards the beginning of this shopping endeavor] and somehow forgot all about it UNTIL I started putting together my outfits for this. SO, since I already had it in my closet AND it was way past the point of returning it, I decided to use what my lack of memory had given me = a classically-fitted dress with oh-so-much potential! Plus, fashion week attendees usually tend to go a bit more elegant for the last night of runway shows, so I was in luck! I coordinated my glasses and statement necklace with the different shades in its Victorian embellishments AND then since I’m always encouraging other women to be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons, I just had to carry my flamingo handbag D surprised me with back in May! I kind of felt like a peacock that night strutting around in all those beautiful colors. “AN-AN-AN-AN-AN!”

Style Crazed: What I Wore To FWSD-3

Glasses: Versace c/o Andrews Optical / Necklace & Dress: Anthropologie / Purse: Kate Spade New York

Pumps: Joe’s via Nordstrom

The last look was a combination of a store credit, some leftover craft supplies, and my overall quirky demeanor. See I LOVE Gorman Clothing, but since they are based in Australia, whenever I have a clothes return [which is hardly ever] they issue me a gift card via email THAT unfortunately does have an expiration date. AND since your Lucky Little Mustardseed is anal-retentive, I [of course] marked said expiration date in my Day Planner. Needless to say, the expiration date was around the corner so I found myself ordering this off-the-wall champagne/rose hand holding, shift dress. I had actually already planned on wearing a different look for the FWSD Trunk Show & Awards Ceremony, but after this piece got delivered I completely changed my mind! I then whipped together this felt ball necklace and used its many glorious colors to accessory my ensemble with orange frames, my beloved Kate Spade luggage handbag, and these turquoise pumps. And man, I am so glad that I did because I was unexpectedly given the award for “Blogger of the Year” by FWSD :) proving once again how important it is to always dress to impress! I know I wouldn’t have been as thrilled to walk on up there in my other number [okay, maybe I would have] but it wouldn’t have displayed the message I am trying to get across with my fashion posts = how to dress for you and no one else!

Style Crazed: What I Wore To FWSD-4

Glasses: Dolce Gabbana via Andrews Optical / Necklace: Paper Source / Dress: Gorman

Purse: Kate Spade New York / Pumps: DSW

You can’t be melancholy in fashion because people don’t respond to it.”  — Isaac Mizrahi

In closing, I definitely believe I have evolved more into my own over the past year. I mean I adored my runway looks last year but they were no where near as fun, as bold, or as me! Continuous self-growth is a must in this one life we get to lead and one of the best ways to tell the world who you proudly are is through your dress! Have a wonderful Friday, everyone. Ciao!

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