Chic Like Coco

Now I am not for one second comparing myself to the late/great Coco Chanel, because let’s face it, there is no other!

Style Crazed: Chic Like Coco GIF

Glasses: Dolce Gabbana via Andrews Optical / Sweatshirt: ELEVENPARIS / Purse: Amazon (Crazy, huh?!)

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Sneakers: Solange’s Limited Edition Puma’s

Style Crazed: Chic Like Coco 1

The reason this ELEVENPARIS sweatshirt was a must-have for me was because of the idea it’s trying to communicate. Coco Chanel was ahead of her time – she wore masculine clothing with pearls and small hats, she fashioned a new style trend with the “young boy” look; she even gave us the infamous little black dress! Coco knew how to be true to herself and did not apologize for her own unique style.

Style Crazed: Chic Like Coco 5

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” — Coco Chanel

So no, I am not Coco Chanel, but I understand her AND strive for what she stood for by being as Jenna as Jenna can be ;) AND that’s the real message here = beYOUtiful and like no one else!

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