A Fall Wedding

Weddings are by far one of my favorite occasions – which now that I’ve typed that . . . I realize it sounds a bit cliché coming from someone who eloped in February. Oh well, even if it does, I honestly DO love them!

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And there are many reasons as to why. For one, there are fewer things in life as beautiful as seeing two people stand hand-in-hand and commit their lives to one another. Two, who doesn’t love a good wedding reception?! I mean there’s usually wine, plenty of outrageous dancing, and not to mention, CAKE! I also delight in the fact that it’s an excellent opportunity to wear a dress. Yeah, I know. SHOCKER! But it’s true ;) I’m just one of those gals who was born a few decades too late = what do you mean I can’t get all dolled up to go grocery shopping?!?

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Therefore, today on LuckyLittleMustardseed.com, I am sharing the outfit I wore a couple weekends ago to witness one couple’s special day AND to give you some personal thoughts to consider when choosing your next attire as a wedding guest.

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Glasses: Versace c/o Andrews Optical / Dress: Ted Baker / Accessories & Pumps: Kate Spade New York (Repeat)

For these autumn nuptials, I decided to play off the invitation’s purple hue by wearing this elegant, floral confection number by Ted Baker; a piece that’s very unique in style as it’s both tasteful yet sexy. Due to its modern midi length, the dress exudes the vibe of a lady while it’s figure-hugging fit helps accentuate my minimalistic curves.

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After the selection of the ensemble’s main thread, I then used its copper-colored back zipper for accessory inspiration by pairing it with some of my most cherished, rose gold items :) including the pumps I wore the actual day I married D.

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I also decided to add my fan clutch at the very last minute for some additional fun flair, and luckily I did, because it ended up being 93º on their wedding day and I had to use it as an actual fan!

Style Crazed: A Fall Wedding-5

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.” — Diana Vreeland

As you can see from above, this was the right kind of look for a wedding. You want to try to wear something that compliments your body and isn’t too revealing. It’s also important to remember that this day is not about you, so leave the cleavage at home, ladies, and remember that more is more in this particular case. Plus, no confident woman wants to be the topic of reception table conversation [hey, did you see what so and so is wearing?!] just keep the eyes on the prize [a.k.a. the bride] and you’re sure to come off as one classy dame.

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    I LOVE this dress on you and I also love that you incorporated more detailed photos into your post!! Beautiful, Jenna!! <3 Vanessa

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