FWSD “Runway Show” Style

One of my favorite things about going to any fashion event is seeing what other women wear.

SO, this year for Fashion Week San Diego 2015, I decided to do something a little bit different here on LLM and dedicate one entire blog post not to the style on the runway but instead the fashion its attendees wore. I realize that’s not the norm here in the style blogging world where we are usually a bit more me-me-me focused, BUT I really don’t care. I wanted to highlight some of the looks I saw and ultimately admired; mostly for the shear fact that there is nothing more beautiful than when a woman dresses for herself and no one else!

Let’s get started, shall we?

This first photo is of Maria Von Losch of the ever-popular style blog, Savvynista. Maria is a long-time personal fashion stylist, co-owner of Boho Chic USA, and is currently working on her first book. She’s always manages to keep chic in check and is the queen of a thrifty ensemble. I fell head over heels Thursday night for her 80’s-tastic earrings she wore. How many women do you know that can pull of those glorious babies?!

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Maria Von Losch

Maria Von Losch of Savvynista

This next ensemble is not only cute but was also sewn by its model. That’s right! This is Timmithea Leeds and she was one of the designers we actually saw Saturday night on the runway at FWSD2015. The look you see here is actually what she wore for her catwalk presentation and it was oh-so-cheerful! I simply could not resist snapping a pic of it. Isn’t she just adorable?!

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Timmithea Leeds

Timmithea Leeds – Fashion Designer

And speaking of FWSD15 designers, who could miss these two?! This is Fatsani Chikwana-Dogani & Tari Maps-Sibs of Tasanni and they are as beautiful [if not more] than their designs. Plus, who doesn’t love a coordinating ensemble???

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Fatsani Chikwana-Dogani & Tari Maps-Sibs

Fatsani Chikwana-Dogani & Tari Maps-Sibs of Tasanni

This next look was a favorite of mine because it was made of colors I can simply NOT wear = pastels! Rita Moore is the Director of Sales & Marketing at the La Valencia Hotel and is one of the kindest women you will ever meet. She was rocking that dress of light pinks, violets, and neutrals on Thursday night and I honestly was a little jealous! Such a great look on her.

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Rita Moore

Rita Moore of the La Valencia Hotel

Nicole Tsikounas is also a designer of FWSD15 and is quite possibly the definition of fun. I mean pink hair while wearing an orange dress?! That’s a win-win in my book. Oh yeah, and she also sewed her look as well. Can someone say talented?

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Nikki Tsikounas

Nicole Tsikounas of Nikki Marie

You all know how much this Lucky Little Mustardseed loves her bright colors ;) not to mention the designer, Mara Hoffman. Yep, the dress you see below is by the heiress of colorful, original prints herself and is worn by fellow San Diego fashion blogger, Vanessa Balli, who also has her own brand of hair serum [it’s a must try btw] I loved this look not only for its bright hues, but also because it made me realize that I need to break my Mara Hoffman out of the closet again as well – only this time for fall!

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Vanessa Balli

Vanessa Balli of Vibrancé

This was another ensemble I loved for the shear fact that I cannot pull off an entire look based on neutrals. This gal was kind enough to oblige to my “can I take a picture of you?” and I am so glad she did. The mix of the hat with the suede dress, that fringe necklace, and her wedges were perfect for an in-between look for this hot fall we’ve been experiencing.

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson of Talmadge, California

I’ve been a long-time fan of Chloe and Heather of The Stylish Bisou; a fashion blog that proves having a dog is always in style! Heather’s pug, Chloe, always wears the cutest little dresses . . . I wonder if my little Nella Sue would wear a dress or two?

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Chloe Bisou & Heather TJ-Palmer

Chloe Bisou & Heather TJ-Palmer of The Stylish Bisou

This next diva [and I mean that is the best way] is known by many as our Mexican Madonna. When it comes to personal style, Viva La Paz is the definition of evolution. Her wardrobe is forever changing. When I first met her last year at FWSD14, she was dolled up at a 1950’s Betty with fur coat and all . . . then this year she’s rocking an Adams Family/rocker style. Love, love, love her and her fashion sense! How fun it must be to be Viva La Paz!!

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Viva La Paz

Viva La Paz – Stylist at Kitson

I honestly have not like this For Love & Lemons dress on anybody until I saw it on Friday night. I guess all it needed was a classy lady from Newport Beach. Who knew?!

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Pat Ross

Pat Ross of Newport Beach, California

Cy from Any 2nd Now blog is my #foureyes sister! She has a style that is very much her own [classy with a bit of rocker] and I adored her in this sleeveless trench coat that is very popular this season. If only I would have captured the heels of her shoes. I cannot even begin to describe them but they were so rad; hopefully she shares them on her blog soon!

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Cy Chen

Cy Chen of Any 2nd Now

Now I know I said I was showing you women’s looks from FWSD15, but I simply could not resist taking a photo of FWSD’s Runway Host, Jeff Krapf, and his very dapper ensemble. I mean what lady doesn’t like to see a man rock a bow tie!

FWSD "Runway Show" Style: Jeff Krapf

Jeff Krapf – Host Extraordinaire

“A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.” — Coco Chanel

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my coveted looks from FWSD15’s guests. I know this post was the first of its kind here on LLM, but I wanted you to realize that not all of the fashion was happening strictly on the catwalk AND that I’m not just an advocate of style but also an admirer as well ;) tune back in this Friday for one last FWSD15 post as I share my own personal ensembles for the runway!

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