FWSD 2015 Runway Shows

If you follow along on my Instagram account, you are more than aware that this past week was Fashion Week here in San Diego = an event happening here in America’s Finest City the first week of October each year. It’s a fashionably-fun time where all of us #stylecrazed people can come together to see the latest creations from the designers of Fashion Week San Diego. This year, the party was moved from downtown up to La Jolla and was monumental as the city actually closed a street down in order to create a catwalk. So today, just in case you missed it, I thought I would share with you my top ten designers [in no particular order] as I soak my tired stiletto-wearing feet = Alexandra Marie is the youngest designer in FWSD history and debuted her first-ever swimsuit and resort wear line at this year’s runway shows. Since I had seen some of her designs earlier in the year [mostly black and white] I was thoroughly impressed with this collection’s infusion of color. It was filled with classic bikinis and very tasteful cover-ups . . . some pieces I will definitely be purchasing once #MeandD actually book our honeymoon!

FWSD 2015 Runway Shows: Alexandra Marie

Alexandra Marie / Photo by Naugle Photography / Property of FWSD

Tasanni is a collaboration of two childhood friends from Africa whose overall mission is to put their home country on the map as a fashion hub. They have been designing a little under a year now and strive to create looks that complement the female silhouette while also being able to be worn both for day and night. Their entire line is designed in the USA but is manufactured in limited quantities in Southern Africa. I [of course] loved their use of fun patterns and thought they were quite on point with this sleeveless, suit jacket dress.

FWSD 2015 Runway Shows: Tasanni

Tasanni / Photo by 656 Photography / Property of FWSD

Graciela Llorente traditionally showcases girls clothing but decided to debut a women’s collection at #FWSD15, and boy, am I glad she did! Her designs were extremely feminine in nature with great uses of color and quirky embellishments! It was fun to see this transition in her abilities and I really do hope she continues to create looks for us older gals ;)

FWSD 2015 Runway Shows: Graciela Llorente Fashion Designer

Graciela Llorente / Photo by Naugle Photography / Property of FWSD

Nolan Dean is the sort of dress designer Hollywood starlettes dream about. His debut collection was beyond timeless and felt like something right off an old black and white film screen. I particularly adored this sleek number with the red gloves AND let’s just say this Lucky Little Mustardseed knows who she will be contacting next time she need the perfect evening gown for her next black tie affair!

FWSD 2015 Runway Shows: Nolan Dean

Nolan Dean / Photo by 656 Photography / Property of FWSD

A’doreus was last year’s FWSD Designer of the Year and definitely left no question marks with this year’s collection either, proving once again that women can be stylish at any size. She also created this stunning runway look for FWSD Founder and CEO, Allison Andrews, who is expecting her first child this January. My only hope is that one day A’doreus will eventually design for Olive Oyl types like myself.

FWSD 2015 Runway Shows: A'doreus

A’doreus / Photo by Naugle Photography / Property of FWSD

Timmithea is an experienced sewer and comes from a long-line of female seamstresses. Her designs made this Kate Spade-obsessed gal giddy with excitement with her mixed stripes and floral patterns. Plus, you cannot help but smile when you see them – something I definitely adore when it comes to clothing.

FWSD 2015 Runway Shows: Timmithea

Timmithea / Photo by Naugle Photography / Property of FWSD

NaPóstol has already been worn at the Miss Universe Pageant and the Grammy’s, by reality TV star Draya Michele and Playboy model Jessica Burciaga, and is currently “the dress” for world-title dancers: Stephanie Betts, Kasia Kozak and Karina Smirnoff. Definitely not bad for a self-taught designer and gown couturier, right?! Nessa Apostol knows how to create an exceptional gown that celebrates the female body. In a way, you can almost consider them art. The way they flow as you walk is unlike anything I have ever seen!

FWSD 2015 Runway Shows: NaPostal

NaPóstol / Photo by Naugle Photography / Property of FWSD

Territa Torres was a collection of greens, blues, and natural hues with fitted dresses and various separate pieces. I adored the intricute sewing details she incoporated into each number and loved this particular navy blue number. Each piece I saw that night were functional, edgy, and yet classic. I also have my eye on her hunter green dress as well, but I sadly could not find a picture of it :(

FWSD 2015 Runway Shows: Territa Torres

Territa Torres / Photo by Naugle Photography / Property of FWSD

I swear Nikki Marie is after my own vintage-loving heart with her fantastic retro-feeling pieces. She uses perfectly bright/bold fabrics that have such a flair for the playful. This particular number was a definite “Jenna” ensemble with it’s patterned crop top and higher-waist skirt. Can you find me admiring it in this photo?

FWSD 2015 Runway Shows: Nikki Marie

Nikki Marie / Photo by Naugle Photography / Property of FWSD

Scott Rich is a triple-threat = he’s a photographer, an artist, AND now a fashion designer! He uses his very own photography, prints it on eco-friendly, dye-sublimation fabrics [that are washable and wrinkle-free] and THEN creates looks like the two you see below. WHAT THE WHAT?! I know this is a label that will be doing just fine in sales ;)

FWSD 2015 Runway Shows: Scott Rich

Scott Rich / Photo by Naugle Photography / Property of FWSD

“Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable.” — Donna Karan

As you can see from above, the FWSD 2015 Runway Shows were nothing short of magnificent :) please tune back in this Wednesday as I reveal my favorite looks straight from the FWSD 2015 guests and this Friday as I break down my own looks I wore at this must-see event!


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