Simon’s Fall Lookbook Live

Last Thursday, I had the extreme pleasure of being one of the Fashion Valley Mall‘s VIP guests for their GQ + Glamour Magazine’s Lookbook Live event − a fall fashion runway experience featuring looks from Bloomingdale’s, Nordstorm, Neiman Marcus, Hugo Boss, John Varvotos, MaxMara, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Twist my arm, right?!

The evening was the perfect way to welcome in the change of seasons with its cooler weather vibes and layered ensembles. AND since fall is a favorite of mine, I wasn’t surprised in the least bit by how many of the looks I found myself coveting :) so without further adieu, here are some of personal picks straight from the catwalk.

Simon's Fall Lookbook Live: 1

(Above) Plaid is the pattern back with a vengeance this season. I am seeing it absolutely everywhere and am LOVING it! I adore this particular Nordstrom number because its sequence doesn’t follow the typical horizontal/vertical repeat and instead lies on the diagonal; giving it a unique flair that’s completely on point. (Below) Now one fall trend I missed the memo on was culottes. I saw them multiple times on the runway that night and went head over heels for this denim pair from Bloomingdale’s. I mean who knew?! And as a result, I am currently on “the hunt” for a nice black pair ;) so please [by any means necessary] notify me if you find a some >>> Jenna[at]luckylittlemustardseed[dot]com!

Simon's Fall Lookbook Live: 2

This next look almost made me fall right out of my front row seat! As you know, I am a true lover of bright colors and I usually feel a bit bummed when cooler weather rears its chilly head because clothes tend to not be as vibrant. Thus, to see such a voluptuous red on a fall runway . . . let’s just say it looked like I had a hanger stuck in my mouth! And then the addition of this contemporary plaid top?!?!?! Umm, can someone go yell “NAILED IT!” from the rooftops of Fashion Valley Mall please?! I mean WOW!

Simon's Fall Lookbook Live: 3

The last personally-cherished ensemble of mine was the one you see in the middle. It was by far my favorite of the night. It was pure perfection with it’s autumn-tastic hues, fun pattern play, and overall feminine feel. I firmly believe this outfit embodies pieces that not could only be worn for multiple fall seasons but could also be easily paired with other garments to create many additional flawless looks.


Now not all the festivities were about the women. No siree, Bob! There were plenty of fine looks with extra fine men [sorry honey!] my two final snapshots of the night are directly below. Us ladies kept joking around about the first guy = “Isn’t that the guy from the Old Spice commercials?!” Just kidding. Well, sort of. I just adore how each of these male ensembles were both stylish yet masculine, which is sometimes a tricky thing to pull off in the fashion world. Kudos to whomever the men’s stylist was, because him/her/they did a stupendous job. I think all the women in the audience would happily agree ;)

Simon's Fall Lookbook Live: 5

“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” — Jean Cocteau

Simon's Fall Lookbook Live: 6

Lookbook Live didn’t stop there, though, as the fall-centered, fashionable fun continued on Saturday with an interactive, shopping showcase where the style pros of GQ + Glamour Magazine brought the hottest trends to life.

Simon's Fall Lookbook Live: 7

This public event included mini fashion shows, style challenges, closets for both him and her, beauty stations, photo booth fun, and multiple giveaways. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

Simon's Fall Lookbook Live: 8

Plus, I even managed to run into some of my fellow #sdstylebloggers. Win-win! I love how each one of us have our own unique style and yet strongly unite anytime we come together. LOVE!

Simon's Fall Lookbook Live: 9

In closing, I want to thank Curator PR, Simon Property Group, Fashion Valley Mall, and GQ + Glamour Magazine for their more than gracious invite − you made this #stylecrazed gal oh-so-happy and proved once again that I am one Lucky Little Mustardseed!

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