FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree

A few months ago, Fashion Week San Diego approached me about being one of their fashion bloggers for an upcoming event with the Grossmont Center a “Style Soiree” runway show where three San Diego bloggers would create an entire look on a $75 budget from one of the center’s participating boutiques. I [of course] was honored to be presented with such an opportunity and quickly accepted the challenge. PLUS, I was going to be in pretty good company = Vanessa Balli from Outfit of The Day and Maria Von Losch the Savvynista :) two fellow #girlbosses I both admire and highly adore!

FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-1

(Photography by Thomas Avila)

THUS, in preparation for said event, the three of us met up a few weeks ago at the Grossmont Center to do a little shopping! Twist my arm, right?!

FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-2

(Photography by Thomas Avila)

We had an absolute blast exploring all the offerings of the Grossmont Center AND located each one of our individually-assigned stores. For the event, Vanessa will be pulling from the racks of Target, Maria will be pursuing the various departments at Macy’s, while I [on the other hand] will be finding MY look from Styles For Less.

FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-3

(Photography by Thomas Avila)

In other words, don’t be surprised next week if you’re at the Grossmont Center and stumble across one of our paths ;) as we will each be there on our own time shopping for the perfect fall ensemble just in time for Saturday’s soiree.

FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-4

(Photography by Thomas Avila)

And I don’t know about YOU, but I honestly cannot wait to see what each of us comes up with!

FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-5

(Photography by Thomas Avila)

I mean we have such individual style that I believe it will be pretty exciting to see the end result . . . not to mention, getting a glimpse of the Grossmont Center’s top fall trends on FWSD runway.

FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-6

(Photography by Thomas Avila)

“I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original.” Aaliyah

FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-7

(Photography by Thomas Avila)

SO, please join us and FWSD one week from tomorrow [Saturday, August 22nd] at the Grossmont Center, right in front of the movie theatre by the fountains, for an hour of fashionable fun. The event is from 3 to 4 p.m. I hope to see you there! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Maria says:

    Absolutely LOVE this post!! I’ll be writing something up too but geez don’t know if I can top this. See you in a few days, XO

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