Style Crazed: DMTC 3.0

Yesterday, I attended Opening Day at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for the third year in a row – an event I personally look forward to now each year in all of its entirety: watching the horses race, seeing the sea of hats, betting on the races, spending time with friends, AND [of course] planning my “race day” outfit!


Hat: And They Loved Hats / Glasses: Miu Miu / Earrings: Target / Pearls: Vintage

Romper: Black Halo / Purse: Kate Spade New York / Shoes: DSW

When planning any ensemble, it’s always important to dress for you and no one else; meaning wear what works for you, your taste, and your body type. For example, I tend to wear fascinators for this particular event. Why? Well, it’s not only because they are so adorably cute, but ALSO because they work very nicely in my hair and do not dominate my thin stature. Large hats can have a tendency to look overbearing and give off a “bobble head” effect on certain body types. Plus, they can be tricky to take a selfie with! Lol. The key is to try on multiple styles, figure out what works best for you, and stick with it. That’s why this year I sprung for a fascinator once again. Only this time, it was a mini version of that stiff-straw-styled, turn-of-the-century hat = the boater! A fairly formal accessory often still worn by traditional barbershop quartets. It had that right amount of charming flair, SO I quite simply had to have it.

For the rest of my look, I pretty much based the entire thing around my shoes. Yes, I KNOW I have done that for more #stylecrazed posts than I care to count. Can you really blame me though?! Look at these gorgeously floral pumps! With them, I was easily able pull from their beautiful array of colors to dress myself from head-to-toe :) my glasses and fascinator for the black, my pearls for the white, my romper for the red, and my snail purse for both the green and to help with the garden-esque feel I was going for. That’s also why I glued this vintage, lady bug brooch to my hat as well; to bring everything full circle.

Style Crazed: DMTC 3.0-4

Now, let’s quickly touch upon rompers, ladies! I’m going to be blunt here. There is a VERY fine line in fashion between classy and trying-to-hard . . . and by trying-to-hard, I mean allowing your butt cheeks to hang out the bottom of your shorts [same goes for “under boob” but that’s another discussion for different day] if you’re like me, Long Legs McGee, you more than know how difficult it is to wear shorts that are tasteful. Ever since this whole “romper” trend came about, I have shopped high and low for the most flattering rompers, and after many summers with this fad, I am happy to report that I have a whopping two of them. Both are comfy and show just the right amount of leg. I cannot even begin to tell you how many women I saw yesterday running around with the most unflattering wardrobes when all they really needed was a romper with an extra inch or two of fabric! I mean we are at the races [a dressier event] but then again, we all know how money cannot buy class.

“Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.” – Frank Sinatra

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now ;) what do you think about my quirky get-up? I think it’s a good mix of my own style with little hints of vintage history. Do you agree? Either way, I hope you have a very FASHIONABLE Fri-YAY and a stupendous weekend!

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