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For the second time in almost a year [exactly] I am revealing to you a room I decorated in our home; only this time it is not our master bedroom but my office – a.k.a. Lucky Little Mustardseed headquarters! This is the place where I do most of my business-related work = make phone calls, shop for fabric, scroll Craiglist for furniture finds, return emails, and [of course] write my blog.

LLM Headquarters: Picture 1

When “dressing-up” any space, I am a firm believer that a room should be a true reflection of its inhabitants.

LLM Headquarters: Picture 2

SO, since that’s ME [lol] my office’s personality had to be fun, bright, and quirky . . .

LLM Headquarters: Picture 3

With uniquely-curated items that would cause your eyes to take a second glance and to smile.

LLM Headquarters: Picture 4

I mean look at the wall art above my desk :) it just simply gives you a chuckle.

LLM Headquarters: Picture 5

Okay, so this is by far the best accessory in my office. My little Nella Sue. Whenever I sit down to work [even if it’s only for a few minutes] she is right there in my lap. Her two siblings could care less :)

LLM Headquarters: Picture 6

For me, good interior design embodies a nice combination of both old and new. Take my desk lamp for example. I acquired it from an old farm house my parents purchase in the late 90s/early 2000s. All it needed was a little rewiring, a fresh lamp shade, and BAM! You got yourself a one-of-a-kind piece that cannot be found anywhere else.

LLM Headquarters: Picture 7

I also adore to have decor items that reflect an individual’s other interests. Like this baseball memento for my boys in blue ;) GO ROYALS!

LLM Headquarters: Picture 8

And to have unconventional organizational tools.

LLM Headquarters: Picture 9

I love it when you can look at a space from any angle and be stimulated.

LLM Headquarters: Picture 10

Personal touches help make a room feel cozy and real. I keep this “senior” picture of my late grandma on my desk at all times. It helps to remind me that life is way too short AND that being classy is always in style.

LLM Headquarters: Picture 11

“By reshaping or decorating our outer selves, we express our inner sense of self: ‘I like that’ becomes ‘I’m like that.” – Virginia Postrel

LLM Headquarters: Picture 12

My office is definitely “Jenna” and helps make my work enjoyable every single day :)

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  1. Ashley says:

    The new office looks awesome friend! The prints, the chair, the details are all very you! Nice job.

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