Our Elopement Pictures

When I opened my email last Saturday, I could hardly believe my eyes = our elopement pictures were already ready?!

Say WHAT???

Originally when we hired Max & Friends to shoot our surprise nuptials, the contract stated it would be a good 3-6 months before we had any photographs in hand . . . so I had sort of mentally prepared myself to see nothing until the end of summer. Needless to say, I am BEYOND elated to be sharing them here with you, ESPECIALLY since today marks two months of blissful marriage bliss. Now before you go get inundated with these grossly-happy moments in time :) I would like to first address the “why did we decide to elope?” question.

There’s a couple reasons.

First off, me and D have both been married before. AND when it’s your second time around, you realize there are far more important things than a big, ole party. Like each other. That is NOT to say, however, that I think poorly of anyone who DOES decide to to have glorious-shindig of wedding. [More power to you!] I’ve just been there, done that, and didn’t really see the point of doing it THAT WAY again – what I ultimately wanted was to be D’s wife. I didn’t need a beautiful reception, gifts, etc. to make that happen. Plus, why would we spend tons of money like that when buying a house together is our current financial priority? It was also very important for us to have no stress involved.

THUS, that’s why we carried out our union like we did: us, our witnesses, and the San Diego Admin Building.

On the other hand, I AM thankful we decided to splurge on our professional photographers, because, well, you know me! I LOVE me some photographs. Not to mention, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge how insanely of a perfect job Luke and Kat did. Seriously KUDOS, you two! I was a little bummed when I first found out that Max Wagner was already booked that day, but as it turns out, all of his “friends” are equally as talented. Me and D were completely overwhelmed by how many beautiful shots you captured and I had the darnedest time narrowing them down for this blog post. I know 35 pictures is still a lot, y’all, BUT can you honestly blame me? I mean LOOK at them!

Our Elopement Pictures: 1

The above and below images you see here are what Max & Friends are known for and WHY I wanted them so badly.

Our Elopement Pictures: 2

D = always making me laugh.

Our Elopement Pictures: 3

Just a couple of drunk-in-love kids adults.

Our Elopement Pictures: 4

For those not familiar with the San Diego Admin Building, it’s a government building right across the street from the San Diego Harbor, which means OCEAN!

Our Elopement Pictures: 5

So, we OBVIOUSLY could not let a date beside the Pacific pass us by . . .

Our Elopement Pictures: 6

Yeah, we’re not happy AT ALL ;)

Our Elopement Pictures: 7

All of this color. One photo. Extremely pleased.

Our Elopement Pictures: 8

Us and our big schnozes.

Our Elopement Pictures: 9

My gorgeous, vintage-brooch bouquet by Lionsgate Designs.

Our Elopement Pictures: 10

Luckiest gal in the world!

Our Elopement Pictures: 11

Those rings though.

Our Elopement Pictures: 12

My absolute favorite of them all and such a perfect example of the sort of work our photographers do.

Our Elopement Pictures: 13

Making our “social media” announcement :)

Our Elopement Pictures: 14

The San Diego Admin Building and all of its art deco brilliance.

Our Elopement Pictures: 15

I may or may not have ordered this next pic for my office . . .

Our Elopement Pictures: 16

A little pre-ceremony lip-lock ;)

Our Elopement Pictures: 17

My Kate Spade New York addiction continues . . . of course she had to be my something blue!

Our Elopement Pictures: 18

Getting hitched on a Tuesday = SURPRISE!

Our Elopement Pictures: 19

“Going to the chapel and we’re going to get married.”

Our Elopement Pictures: 20


Our Elopement Pictures: 21

D getting lippy; thankfully I had this bouquet to keep him in line ;)

Our Elopement Pictures: 22

Just kidding!

Our Elopement Pictures: 23


Our Elopement Pictures: 24


Our Elopement Pictures: 25

That man. The look. My heart.

Our Elopement Pictures: 26

All grown up and I still get a red nose anytime I cry! Dang it.

Our Elopement Pictures: 27

Dreams coming true.

Our Elopement Pictures: 28

#instanthappy OVERLOAD!

Our Elopement Pictures: 29

All smiles.

Our Elopement Pictures: 30

With a side of emotional tears . . .


Our dear friends [Matt & Leslie] were our witnesses; cannot thank you two enough! Adore you both.

Our Elopement Pictures: 32

Our song is Vance Joy’s Mess Is Mine, so I commissioned this custom banner by Sharp Tooth Studio for the ceremony.

Our Elopement Pictures: 33

THEE. Best. Day. Ever.

Our Elopement Pictures: 34

“Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.” – James Dobson

Our Elopement Pictures: 35

I wouldn’t change a thing: not the way we met, our journey here, or the way we said “I do!” I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we do. They will be forever cherished.

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  1. Ann F says:

    Wow. The photos are glorious. I cried (again) just because I know and can tell how happy you both are. I am so thrilled that you had such talented photographers who were able to capture not only the emotion of the day but also *your* love of COLOR! Love you both. xx

    • Jenna says:

      I cried too, Ann! Last Saturday when we received the photos. This week when I wrote the post. AND just now reading all of the kind comments. It was a perfect day DEFINITELY filled with both LOVE and COLOR :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing what a perfect wedding! Love your style!!!!

  3. Rachel says:

    I love you and D so much! These pictures are a continuation of your love story! I am so glad you posted these and shared it with those who love you two. I could not wait to share your blog on my FB page with all my love on this posting. You keep me believing! May the look in your eyes and the joy in your body language last forever!

  4. Fatsani says:

    Gorgeous picture, great narrative, I love the way you write. I see the love shinning through, wishing you continued bliss.

    • Jenna says:

      Awe! That’s so sweet of you to say :) I love writing and definitely LOVE when people love to read my writing. Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Krisi says:

    Beautiful! I shed a few years of joy for you guys! Love you!

  6. Bekka says:

    I will admit, I started my Friday off a little cranky…but after seeing all this crazy love happiness, how can I stay cranky?!?! Beautiful pics and an even more beautiful couple!!

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