Style Crazed: The Bride Wore . . .

White Glasses!

Yep, me and D tied the knot last week.


But if you follow me on Instagram, you already KNEW that ;)

Then why the blog post?

Well, this is me TRYING to be patience while we wait for our photos . . . THUS [in the meantime] I thought it could be fun for you and help kill some time for me if I shared my wedding day ensemble here on LLM.

Style Crazed: The Bride Wore White . . . Glasses ;)

Glasses: Prada via Andrews Optical / Earrings: Anthropologie and Stella & Dot

Dress: Tadashi Shoji via Nordstrom / Wedding Ring: Custom / Bouquet: Lionsgate Designs

Handkerchief: Vintage / Pumps: Kate Spade New York

When we decided to elope on our three-year anniversary, I knew three things: I wanted no stress, a Tadashi Shoji dress, and white glasses. The first was a no brainer and very easy to accomplish. Someone say courthouse? The second was sort of a challenge = MOSTLY because Mr. Shoji’s lace dresses come in so many beautiful hues and you know how I love my bright colors :) however, once I tried on that purple with my porcelain skin, it was the sure front-runner. For the third [finding my white glasses] that was a DEFINITE challenge! Thankfully though, Sara over at Andrew’s Optical came through for me once again and found the absolute perfect pair.

From there, the rest was pretty simple.

I knew D was designing me a custom rose-gold ring, so I matched both my earrings and shoes to it. NEXT [keeping up with the “no stress” theme] I went to Pinterest for bouquet ideas and landed on the notion of using vintage brooches to create one. Now I realize that I am a capable-enough creative to have probably made my own vintage brooch bouquet, but in this case, I decide to opt for someone else to do. AND that’s growth, people! Haha. Plus, once you see all of Lionsgate Designs’ on Etsy, who wouldn’t hire Marie?! I mean the woman is a true artist of her trade.

Okay, moving on!

The vintage handkerchief you see [that I oh-so-used during our vows] was a gift from my dear friend, Diana. And, boy, was I glad I remembered it that day! That AND to wear water-proof mascara. BUT then again, I guess bawling your eyes due to the overwhelming happiness you feel inside when you marry your best friend is just a given. Am I right or am I right? Either way, I think that covers it. OH! Wait. I guess I did DO my own hair and makeup :) so I guess I did something. Lol. I HAD originally planned to do a side braid, but that morning, it was causing me too much stress. Especially, after I slammed my leg into a piece of furniture in our hotel room. That’s me! The bruise is gone now but you can still see a little bit of the scab on my left shin. Anyway, that’s why I nixed the idea. [Thanks again, though, Jessika, for showing me how to do it! I truly appreciate it; will have to wear it that way some other time.]

“A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman it must reflect the personality and style of the bride.”

Carolina Herrera

SO, what did YOU think of my bridal threads? Yay? Nay? Or is it #justjenna?

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  1. Diane says:

    your style is Soo chic..And only you would match your shoes to your ring! Congrats my friend!

  2. Judy Rozema says:

    Well, everyone I have talked to here that knows you LOVES the dress. I love the idea of a brooch bouquet, and if I had to do it all again, eloping is the way to go. You are a beautiful bride, my friend. OH THE SHOES……

    • Jenna says:

      Awe! Thank you, Judy. I think I nailed the whole “dress” thing too ;) thanks for your kind words and always being there for me all these years. #musicaltheatrenerdsunite

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