California Dreaming

A few days ago [when I “out and about” running errands] I made a point of stopping by the Oceanside Museum of Art to revisit one of their current exhibitions, “California Dreaming.”


For starters, March is going to be one CrAzY month for me work-wise and I wasn’t sure if another opportunity would present itself before its March 29th close . . . not to mention, this WAS the art on display in the Gleason Gallery when I performed “Five For Th$rty” in December. I ALSO just simply adore it ;)

California Dreaming

For what reason?

I don’t know.

There’s SOMETHING about this collection and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I know its whole purpose was to raise the fundamental question: IS the “California Dream” still alive and thriving, OR has the past half-century of population growth and development seriously affected our notion OF the Southern California lifestyle?


Of that, I am not sure.

I mean I DO love to believe that the dream is still alive [man, I sound like a Wilson Phillips’ record] and I AM aware as to how it makes me feel inside by the way it stirs my creative core. Almost as if, the entire display gives me HOPE as an artist [sigh] to continue with this ambition of mine = the notion of functional art.

“If people knew what Matisse, supposedly the painter of happiness, had gone through, the anguish and tragedy he had to overcome to manage to capture that light which has never left him, if people knew all that, they would also realize that this happiness, this light, this dispassionate wisdom which seems to be mine, are sometimes well-deserved, given the severity of my trials.” Henri Matisse

I guess that’s what has kept me coming back for more?! The entire exhibition leaves me feeling inspired and I NEED that! Right now. More than ever. ESPECIALLY, when I am trying so hard to stay out of my own way, drown my Creative Gremlin* [he’s such a dick btw], and upholster all these ideas of mine into reality.

Is it weird to be both excited AND scared to show you [what I’m calling] Homebird Upholstery 2.0?

At the end of the day, I realize that I just need to create and stop worrying about what the end result will be, BUT that is always easier said than done :) here’s to ME getting a whole lot done before my April 1st website deadline! Now, onto the “work” in my studio.

*SIDENOTE: Creative Gremlin /kree-ey-tiv grem-lin/ n. Jenna Pilant’s harsh (internal) art critic.

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