An Ode To 29

Today is my thirtieth birthday, folks.

You read that right – the BIG 3-0!

The past couple of years [well, since I started LLM] I have written an annual tribute to my former self.

I guess it’s the way I keep myself in check ;)

“27” was a tough year, “28” was giant leap in the right direction . . . while “29” was hazy.

An Ode To 29

Why do you say that?

Umm, well, it’s MOSTLY because I had such a hard time staying focused this year.

While you ARE a very creative lady, Jenna, you simply tried to do too much and attempted to go in WAY too many directions. I mean you really riled yourself up for 29, and although that’s good and all, you really need to listen to “What About Bob?” and take baby steps :) the way you went after EVERYTHING left you feeling like you were lacking and that you were maybe not good enough. You ARE a gifted artist. You just need to stick to one area, however = UPHOLSTERY! It gives you such insane pleasure. PLUS, you’re good at it AND have some pretty-crazy-awesome ideas up your sleeve. SO, run with that! Now, I’m not saying that you can’t eventually do other things, but for the time being, zoning-in on one area WILL give you a chance to really spread your wings and fly; HOPEFULLY right into an art gallery. You simply need to be kinder to YOU and not allow yourself to feel so discourage at times. After all, there is NO owner’s manual for what you are trying to do. In fact, you are probably going to fall on your face a few more times before things [success-wise] start happening.


Remember to breathe and enjoy the ride, Jenna. This isn’t your final destination, but it IS a journey. Your 20’s taught you A LOT! The learning isn’t over yet, though. Keep your eyes wide and your heart open.

“One must never be either content with, or impatient with, oneself.” – C. S. Lewis

And like you said last night, THIRTY is going to be the best year yet!

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