The Easiest-Tastiest Guacamole

Okay, so here is something about our household = we LOOOOOOVE guacamole!

I mean like really, really love it. As in if we’re at a Mexican restaurant and it’s on the menu, it’s a sure bet that we’re going to order it . . . AND if we’re at home and have the right ingredients in the kitchen along with a bag of glorious tortilla chips, I’m definitely making it. Catch my drift?!

That’s great and all, Jenna, but why are you telling me this?

Well, because I made my guacamole while we were in Nebraska [tried of hearing about THAT trip yet? lol.] and everyone who tried it kept asking, “What’s in it?” – making me believe it was high time to share the avocado love here on LLM ;) yep, I love you that much!

SO, here’s my uber simple guacamole recipe:

The Easiest-Tastiest Guacamole


8 medium-sized avocados

12-ounce container Pico de Gallo

10-ounce package Cojita cheese

Directions: First off, take out your avocados, slice them in half, and slowly twist them apart. To remove the seed, use a chopping knife and [carefully] slam the blade into the seed so it’s stuck. Then slowly twist the seed right out of the avocado half. Now, don’t throw it away just yet! Nope. Please set it aside along with all your other seeds. [I mean you are cleaning 8 avocados after all!] Next, with a spoon, scoop out the insides of all the avocado halves and place the guts inside a large bowl. It’s mashing time, folks. Take a wooden spoon, OR if you’re like me, I use this nifty Mix ‘N Masher from Pampered Chef. It’s an absolute marvel. ANYWAY, mash your avocados. Pour in the Pico de Gallo and mix it in. Last [but not least] crumb the round of Cojita cheese over the bowl’s other ingredients and stir it in as well. And presto-chango, you have yourself some scrumptious guacamole. But why did you make us keep the large seeds? Good question, class! If you’re not eating this delicious treat right away, place the seeds evenly around the top of the guacamole. This slows the browning process and makes it able for you to only have to scrap a little off the top in order to serve it. OH! And by the way, this recipe serves 4-6 people and is only good for a day [MAYBE two].

“I make love like my afternoon shadow is long. I’ll bring the foreplay, if you bring the guacamole. 
” ― Dark Jar Tin Zoo, Love Quotes for the Ages. Specifically Ages 19-91.

I hope you enjoy my take on guacamole as much as #meandD do! It’s one of our main go-to snacks on #sundayfunday :)

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  1. I love guacamole! Thanks for the tip about the pit keeping the guacamole from getting discolored.

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