How To Throw A Joint Party

As you know, this past weekend I had the extreme pleasure of co-hosting a Ladies Luncheon with wedding/event details extraordinaire = Madmade Designs! Now to most people, this might seem like an overwhelming endeavor. I get! There is nothing worse than too many cooks in the kitchen. However, I am here to tell you that it IS totally doable. You just need a little guidance ;)

How To Throw A Joint Party

(Melissa Duncanson with Madmade Designs & Yours Truly)

And honestly, it’s not that difficult at all. I have found the following three tips to be uber helpful:

1) Decide on a budget and a theme.

We got pretty lucky in this department. I mean we already had it planned to be a jewelry party, making our guests list heavy in the female department. We also knew we wanted to have food, because, well, what kind of true party doesn’t include food!? AND since both of us are pretty darn thrifty, we both figured we could swing it all on a small budget. BUT, before you head on any further down this list, PLEASE make sure to have the first two in place with your co-hostess with the mostess :)

2) Mix your styles.

This might be the toughest of the three – fusing designs can be VERY frustrating. What did we do to sidestep this mess? I’m glad you asked! See we created this secret board on Pinterest that ACTUALLY isn’t secret anymore! Yep, you can now go and visit it to see where we got our inspiration. I truly believe this was our saving grace in the matter. Melissa has a flair for repurposed/upcycled/vintage items, one-of-a-kind handmade goods, and whimsical floral arrangements. I, on the other hand, love bold/bright colors, copper touches, and dramatic lines with clean elegance. In some minds, this might not seem like two tastes that could be combined. All things considered, you’re wrong! Lol. BECAUSE we assorted our visualization together in one location, each person was able to get a better picture of what the other hostess liked. Make sense? And last [but not least] . . .

3) Keep the lines of communication crystal clear.

I cannot stress how important this last tip is!!! Bad communication is THEE “kill all” of EVERYTHING in this world. If you can’t talk to one another, nothing is accomplishable. I’m serious. Melissa and I were great about answering each other’s emails and texts. AND, we were both there for each other. If one of us was swamped at a certain day or time [like when I traveled to Nebraska] the other hostess picked up the slack. [THANK YOU, MELISSA!] We also treated each other with the utmost respect and was accepting of each other’s opinions, time, and energy.

“The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and have a good time.” – C.Z. Guest

Truth be told, IF you follow these tips, your next joint venture should be easy-peasy. In the end, however, all that really matters is that both of you had a swell time ;)

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