FWSD: Culinary Couture

This past Saturday evening, I had the honor of being one of two hundred exclusively invited guests of another fabulous Fashion Week San Diego event [they weren’t kidding when they said they’re “not just a week of runway shows”] but this wasn’t like the other event this month either. Nope. This time, it was a mecca fusion of fashion WITH food. Yep, this concept has been long-time dream of FWSD Founder and Director, Allison Andrews, and thanks to the FWSD partnership with Harrah’s Resort Southern California, “Culinary Couture” became a complete reality. But it also wasn’t just some meal. No, this unique excursion took guests like myself on a trip around the globe with a 7-course meal, exploring different flavors from 7 different fashion capitals. I mean how fashion fantastic is that?! Now, rather than continue my ramblings about subject, let’s let my pictures tantalize your salivary glands . . .

Course 1: San Diego

FWSD Culinary Couture: San Diego

California Pacific Halibut Tartar, Local Haas Avocado, Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Meyer Lemon Supreme,

Cilantro Oil, Compressed Melon, Temecula Honey Onion

Course 2: Shanghai

FWSD Culinary Couture: Shanghai

Bamboo Steamer Baskets, Char Siu Pork Belly, Pork Shumai, Steamed Savoy Cabbage, Soy Reduction, Lime & Chili Cashews, Sesame Seeds

Course 3: Florence

FWSD Culinary Couture: Florence

Vegetable Pyramid Ravioli, Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels, Steamed Baby Spinach, Smoked Crows Pass Marzano Tomato Broth

Course 4: Paris

FWSD Culinary Couture: Paris

Pistachio & Golden Raisin Duck Terrine, Duck Rillette, Duck Gellee, Violet Mustard, Baby Frisee, Country Loaf Toast Points

Course 5: New York

FWSD Culinary Couture: New York

American Wagyu New York Strip, Chive Potato Cake, Baby Vegetable Bundle, Red Wine Glace, Shaved Fresh Summer Truffles

Course 6: Sao Paulo

FWSD Culinary Couture: Sao Paulo

Tropical Fruit Soup, Fresh Coconut & Guava Nitrogen Ice Cream, Rainforest Crunch, Frozen Ruby Red Grapefruit Granules

Course 7: London

FWSD Culinary Couture: London

Duo of English Cheese, Cornichons, Caper Berries, Fig Jam, Toasted Lavosh

Happy people make good food and fashion.”Peter Cameron

Needless to say, this #luckylittlemustardseed was quite stuffed afterwards ;) oh, and just so you know there was ALSO an optional beverage flight that I [of course] opted for, but for the life of me, the drinks went to my brain and I honestly cannot tell you what they were . . . EXCEPT that they were absolutely delicious! [Haha!] You can actually read about the drink pairings, along with more event details, on the FWSD’s official blog. Congratulations to FWSD, Allison Andrews, her team, Executive Chef Jon Palsson, Sommelier Will Burtner, and everyone at Harrah’s Resort Southern California for a “well-prepared” event. It was like nothing I have ever attended before. Cheers!

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