Create + Cultivate: Round Two

Do you remember my New York trip last October?

Well, whether you do or you don’t, the reason I took that journey last fall was so I could attend Create + Cultivate in Brooklyn.

Wait. You flew all the way to NYC just to network with other creatives?!?!?!

Yes. Yes, I did :) and you know what? It was worth all the jet lag – just like it was worth the 6 a.m. road trip this past Saturday. That’s right, folks. This Lucky Little Mustardseed attended Create + Cultivate AGAIN! Only this time it was in Los Angeles.

Now some of you might be thinking right now, “If you’ve attended one Create + Cultivate, haven’t you attended them all?” I mean sure, one might ponder such a thought, but as someone who’s standing on the other side of round two, I’m here to state that if you’ve attended one, you definitely HAVEN’T attended them all! That’s what’s wonderfully artistic about these No Subject L.A.’s events. They keep you guessing and coming back for more. I also wholeheartedly believe that “creatives” like myself need to throw ourselves into these sorts of scenarios from time to time for a couple of reasons:

1. We work behind a computer screen and/or are stuck in a studio by ourselves all the livelong day = we NEED this type of social interaction.

AND . . .

2. Since we tend to be our own worst enemies, criticizing our work/standing in our own ways daily, because we expect/want the very best = we NEED to have our “creative” flame relit.

SO [for myself] this weekend was EXACTLY what I needed:

– Time to be around other women.

– Time to be re-motivated in my work.

– Time to be #justjenna.

Not to mention, No Subject L.A. partnered with Darling Magazine this time around and brought in THEE most inspirational women I have ever had the pleasure of hearing speak. We listened to the ever-confident Alexis Jones of I AM THAT GIRL, the charitable heart of Caitlyn Crosby of The Giving Keys, the feminist intellectual findings of Stacy L. Smith, the forward-thinking fragrances entrepreneur of Nomad Two Worlds, Joyce Lanigan, and [last but not least] the happiness-seeking, brave soul, Jana Williams, of Jana Williams Photography. [Seriously, if you have the time, please Google these women and read their stories. They are ALL jaw-dropping spectacular and will make you want to do and be more than you already are.] We also had two-über fun D.I.Y. projects with Leah Bergman of Freutcake and Kelly Lana of Studio D.I.Y. In other words, my “creative” cup was running over!

Personally, however, the biggest highlight of Saturday was when I had an opportunity to sit down with Darling Magazine’s editor, Sarah Dubbeldam, to pick her brain about my functional upholstery art and how to approach press about my work. She was beyond awesome, offering such priceless insight into how to do what when, and gave me incredible hope for my future’s future. Sarah is quite simply put “darling” in every definition of the word; much like the gorgeousness that is her magazine. Honestly, if you are a woman and haven’t heard of or read this print publication, you are definitely missing out!

After my one-on-one, I quickly headed back to the main event and joined in the conversation at the PR Bootcamp with Soda Pop PR, who were so forthcoming with invaluable advice and gave the best answer to my complicated question. I’m also happy I raised my hand, not only for the answer given, but also because of all the great contacts I made quickly afterwards. Because before this point, most of women I was talking to were directly at my table, so because I was brave enough to ask my question in front of complete strangers, people heard what I did and were ACTUALLY interested. Haha. Yea, I might need to practice this gumption thing more often. Lol.

[I have no idea how I am going to wrap up this blog post as there was too much goodness possibly write about!]

Another highpoint of Create + Cultivate were [of course] the other women like me who were attending the event. I ran into my girl, Amy Garner, from Stella Dot, who I had previously met at DESIGNLOVEFEST’s calligraphy workshop this past April AND is helping plan a ladies luncheon with my brand and a wedding décor stylist, Madmade Designs, in September. I also instantly connected with San Francisco blogger, Even If Nobody Reads This, and cannot wait to introduce her to my recently-transplanted-to-Palo-Alto friend, The Design Stylist. There are obviously many other beautiful souls I had the enjoyment of meeting this day, but am going to opt to write personal emails to them this week ;)

Create + Cultivate: Round Two

“Personal relationships are always the key to good business. You can buy networking; you can’t buy friendships.”Lindsay Fox

Oh man! This is so hard. I quite truthfully could go on and on and on about this event. I’m in LOVE with Create + Cultivate and plan [if time and currency allows] to attend as many of these as I can. Thank you, No Subject L.A, Jaclyn, Nikia, Darling Magazine, Sarah, and everyone else I heard speak, came in contact with, and shared the creative-stimulating space that embodies Create + Cultivate :D it was a true gift and cannot wait to see how this influences my work, my life, and my “creative.”

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