Style Crazed: Museum Ball

Saturday was the Oceanside Museum of Art’s Annual Museum Ball.

It was a black tie affair.

And this is what I wore :)

Style Crazed: Black Tie

Glasses: Miu Miu / Dress: Anthropologie / Earrings & Purse: Target / Bracelet: Of a Kind / Pumps: Dillards

Now, as you can see, it’s not beaming with my usual color-tastic flair. Nope. For this particular event, I decided to change things up a bit and go with a more classic Hollywood feel. With that being said, however, the look is still very contemporary. Let’s start with the dress = it’s short, which is NOT what you typically wear to this type of soiree. It’s also fun because of its “Twiggy”-esque cut. Then I paired it with [almost exactly] matching pumps [thank you, Google] and a rare looking bracelet from the lovely ladies over at Of a Kind. In this ensemble, I honestly felt like I was the “Belle of the Ball.” Why? It wasn’t because anyone said so. No. When you are true to you and let your own style show, beautiful is the only way you CAN feel about yourself!

“I don’t want them to come in with a white tie, and I don’t want them to come in a black tie. But I do want them to come in a tie.” – Rudolf Bing

And yes [GOOD EYE] those ARE another new pair of four eyes . . .

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