Style Crazed: Fashion Advice

Last week marked one year’s worth of #stylecrazed posts here on LLM. SO, as a celebratory gesture, I thought it might be fun to finally type down some of my diehard tips for fashion. Now, I might come across a little Simon Cowell-esque today, BUT it’s honestly for your benefit, my sanity, and the future of closets everywhere. Shall we begin?

Style Crazed: Tips

1. Find a good tailor and alter EVERYTHING.

AND I do mean everything. There is no such thing as one size fits all, EVEN in your appropriate size, because, well, each of us is built and proportioned differently. Plus, it’s better to buy an article of clothing that’s a little too loose in some areas than feeling uncomfortably snug in others. Capish?

2. Yoga pants ARE for yoga.

They are NOT for grocery shopping, going out to eat, etc. I can MAYBE see if you’re hanging around your home all day [SURE] but if you’re heading out for a quick errand, change your clothes. I see women of every shape and size running around in these babies. And although, I do applaud your confidence, they are still not for the “every day.” Which leads me to . . .

3. Wearing UGG Boots should be a sin.

Especially when they are paired with yoga pants! I don’t know why women think they need to wear them around here in California, but they do. Not mention, half the time their hair and makeup is also done. If you put that much effort into your face and head, WHY isn’t it the same for your clothes???

4. Adorn yourself and then REMOVE one item.

The late-great Coco Chanel said, “When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on.” I don’t necessarily believe it should be the LAST thing. Regardless, however, you should definitely eliminate [at least] one addition from your outfit. The compliments will thank you later :) I promise.

5. An iron, clothes steamer, and dry cleaner should be in your arsenal.

Please do not ever leave your house in wrinkly clothes. It’s inexcusable and is distracting to the art of fashion.

6. Maxi dresses are NOT the new sweatpants.

To be brutally honest [OVERALL] I am not a huge fan of this epidemic that is sweeping our country. By the same token, I get it. I understand that not all women like to reveal their legs AND that they are probably very comfortable. BUT, you shouldn’t live in these cotton tubes – just like you shouldn’t own more than two pairs of sweatpants.

7. Follow the rules of white.

I know this is an “old school” way of dressing, but I am a true believer in that it should STILL be observed = only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day and NEVER to weddings. I do realize there’s also winter white. That’s sort of a “grey” area. I’m mostly talking about white pants, dresses, and shoes during the summer months. You can decide on the other shade.

8. Maintain your mane.

This might be a given, but with that being said, I still frequently see women with über dead ends. Even if you ARE growing your locks out, the ends still need to be trimmed. Plain and simple. It’ important to realize that no one will give two hoots as to what you’re wearing if your hair is an absolute disaster.

9. Don’t be afraid of color.

I’ve said it once and will probably keep repeating myself into my grave. Life is too short not to explore every hue and how YOU feel in it. Plus, it makes my last tip that much easier.

10. A smile is your BEST accessory.

Yes, please use those chompers of yours to put on a cherry demeanor, because happiness is ALWAYS in style.

A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.” – Bill Cosby

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things but that’s the beauty of writing = there’s always more in store!

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  1. “cotton tubes”………..hah-larious!!!!

    They truly are one of the LEAST forgiving items of clothing, yet it’s true…..they are everywhere. I don’t care for them as they have a special way of showing of what I like to call “my side-butt”. ;)

  2. Carly says:

    100% agree with number 3! Ban the damn shoes please! But I’m wildly guilty to number 2….oops :)

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