Style Crazed: DMTC 2.0

The occasion has come once again for the ladies and gents of San Diego County to break out their finest hats, because TODAY is Opening Day at Del Mar. And I could not be MORE cheerful about it. I adore days like this – taking time for fun, getting all dressed up, not to mention, the wonderful company I will be keeping. Yep, it’s events like these that overfill my cup with such #instanthappy; thus, making me look as if I have a hanger STUCK in my mouth [haha] BUT enough of that! Let’s talk about my “race day” fashion.

Style Crazed: Del Mar Thoroughbred Club 2.0

Hat: MA’s Mad House of Adornment via Etsy / Glasses: Ray-Ban / Dress: / Shoes: DSW

First off, is there anything cuter than wearing a fascinator in your hair?! It finally dawned on me as to WHY one should want to marry into a royal family. It’s not the power or the prestige or the good you could possibly create for humanity. Nope. It’s so you can wear a cute, miniature hat on your head all the live long day ;) I kid! I kid! Well, sort of . . . ANYWAY, after last year’s experience, I figured I would make a hat this go-around. My girlfriend, Leslie, and I really talked about it. BUT, since we’ve both been so busy lately, I decided to go down the same route as before, with a solid purchase from Etsy. I read somewhere or heard from someone that Monarch butterflies are going to be the next fad in a designer’s world. Consequently, when I stumbled upon this beautiful headgear, I decided to jump in front of that curve and make a statement.

Now, the dress was a different story. At the beginning of 2014, I discovered a shopping site called Their prices were unbelievably inexpensive, but their reviews were no bueno. However, since I was falling head over heels for multiple of their items, I decided to go ahead and be ballsy, using the security of PayPal to complete my purchase. And you know what? I’m glad I did. All of the items I ordered fit to a tee, AND at $30 or less per garment, how could I possibly go wrong!? I mean sure. According to the reviews, some people never even received their package. And by the same token, mine DID take a couple of months to reach our doorsteps. Also, not to question, who knows how long these low-priced articles of clothing will last. I figure though, as long as I get a couple of wears out of each of them, it was money well spent.

Okay, onto the last order of business: my shoes. I actually already owned these DSW beauties and was elated to be able to pair them with yet another outfit. They had just the right hue of purple to match some of the flowers on my dress. As a result, my entire ensemble for these festivities was a pretty painless endeavor. In fact, it almost feels kismet. The fascinator + the dress + the shoes = they are ALL perfect compliments of one another. And none of them were planned to go together. That RARELY happens in fashion. As you know, wardrobe takes effort. Although, I am NOT saying I don’t welcome these sorts of cawinky-dinks every now and again. I actually wished they would happen more often. Lol.

There are other things that I could do, but there’s really nothing that I love as much as horse racing. Chantal Sutherland

SO, what do you think of today’s race day threads? Any tips on how to pick a better look next year? I’m always open to suggestions, folk. In any event, I better get a move on. I’ve got to get ready for “the turf to meet to the surf” :) I’ll hopefully see some of you ponies in Del Mar!

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