Prosciutto Rolls With Minty-Pear Goodness

Appetizers are one of my favorite things in the world to eat. Generally, because I consume like a bird = dining often but in small portions. SO needless to say, I try MANY different starters. One of my ultimate favorites is from the RELM Wine Beer Bistro here in the Carlsbad Village. [RELM stands for relax, enjoy, laugh more – how cool is that?!] ANYWAY, since I always have a hankering for them, I thought I should probably figure out how to make them on my own! It turns out they are pretty simple and are still just as delicious as if I was at Happy Hour ;)

Prosciutto Rolls With Minty-Pear Goodness


8 prosciutto slices, thin

Trader Joe’s Honey Goat Gouda Cheese

2 pears, ripe

fresh mint leaves


balsamic glaze

Directions: Remove the rind from the cheese block and cut the cheese into rectangles {1/4-inch wide x 1/2-inch tall x 2-inches long]. Next, peel the pears and cut them close to the same sizes as the cheese. Lay out one slice of prosciutto. Starting at the right side end, place one mint leaf, one piece of cheese, and a pear slice. Slowly, tightly roll the prosciutto around these ingredients, going from right to left. When you have two inches left of the prosciutto, take a butter knife and spread one line of honey from top to bottom. It should be parallel with the long side of the roll. Once the honey is in place, finish revolving the prosciutto. Slice the roll in half and sit on a plate. Continue these steps until you run out of all the makings. Last, but not least, drizzle your entire plate with the balsamic glaze. Enjoy!

“Appetizers are the little things you keep eating until you lose your appetite.” – Joe Moore

AND that’s how I make prosciutto rolls with some minty-pear goodness! Honestly, the perfect appetizer for summertime. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you do try the recipe sometime, I would love to see it. Follow me on Instagram, tag me in the picture, and use #inmytummy . . . you never know :) I might just #regram your pic!

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