Adult Swim Saturdays 2.0

To round off the craziness that was last week, I ALSO decided to attend Adult Swim Saturdays at Dive Dayclub at the unparalleled Harrah’s Resort Southern California.


I believe the more important question is “WHY NOT!?”

Yes [sure] there had been a couple of wildly crazy days in our schedule. HOWEVER, since the rest of our year is looking about the same, I figured this might be my only opportunity to attend this summer’s festivities. SO, I went for it! Originally, my plan was to get a group of my favorite gals together to enjoy/split a cabana and its bottle service. I honestly tried to coordinate it a couple of times, BUT as soon as a couple of “I’m busy that weekend” texts started rolling in, I quickly felt defeated and, well, unmotivated to do so.

Adult Swim Saturdays 2.0

As a result, I accepted our friends, Ryan and Randy’s, invite to their cabana this past Saturday and brought along my girlfriend, Madmade Designs, to enjoy a hot afternoon filled with adult libations and D.J. dance party music. My ability to finally realize that I don’t have to plan everything left me with a pretty astounding epiphany. I’m growing. A couple of years ago, I would have been hell-bent on organizing a get-together of this magnitude, fighting anything that got in my way, BUT I’m starting to discover that it’s okay to not do EVERYTHING. That’s a huge breakthrough, people ;) if I do say so myself.

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” – Nina Dobrev

Anyway, there’s still two months of Adult Swim Saturdays left for YOU to enjoy. If you haven’t been yet, it’s like a Vegas dance club . . . only it’s during the day at a pool with half-naked people. You can read more about it on last year’s post. I’ll try to share some more pictures with you tomorrow :) as soon as Dive Dayclub posts them. Later Gator!

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