X-Fest 2014

Okay, so try not to judge here :) but on Friday, #meandD went to my first-ever music festival: X-Fest. I’ve [of course] been to concerts before, but I have never had the pleasure of seeing this many superb bands back to back to back. It was PHENOMENAL. The lineup included Bleachers, Phantogram, MS MR, Panic! At The Disco, 311, and . . .

X-Fest 2014

FOSTER THE PEOPLE! Which was the main reason we were going. D has been a fan of them for years AND [I have to say] was the first person to introduce them to me over two years ago. Since then, I’ve been enamored with their tunes. What about their new album? Yes, yes, and yes! It did make the March list of LLM Loves after all. What about hearing them live? MIND BLOWN. Mark Foster sounds even better on stage than his recordings. Not to mention, we had SO much fun. BUT I did get so much more out of X-Fest than just seeing a band I love. I mean I knew some of the others, but not all of them. Now, I know why you go to these types of events = to evolve your artistic palette – to continue to grow your appreciation of good music. There are seriously 5 albums I’m downloading today from iTunes and it’s all because of this melodic celebration. Thank you, 91x, for hosting such a stellar party. We will definitely be back.

“There’s nothing to compare to live music, there just isn’t anything.” – Gloria Gaynor

On another note [ha! get it?] you may be noticing that my photograph for today’s post is in black and white and YOU would be correct in stating that it IS the first of it’s kind here on LLM. And although, I’m obsessed with color in all of its brilliance, I just kept coming back to it in this version and decided it portrayed more of the excitement of the crowd, the enthusiasm of the bobbing heads, and eagerness of the dancing bodies. Plus, it’s a nice shot of Mark Foster, and this way, you can see him more clearly ;) ANYWAY, what do you think?

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