Style Crazed: Legs For Days

I’ve finally figured out one of the MAJOR contributing factors as to WHY I don’t LOVE summer clothes . . .

Style Crazed: Legs For Days

Glasses: Ray-Ban / Earrings: Oceanside Museum of Art

Tank Top: Target / Shorts: The Den / Wedges: DSW

I think I might have mentioned this before, but it’s these darn long legs. And let me be the first to state that I am NOT bragging here. All you long-legged ladies know what I’m talking about! My friend, Diana, always says I would kill to have legs like yours. Yea, kill someone for an appropriate length of shorts! Lol. I mean a woman still wants to look sexy in shorts, but in today’s fashion world, it’s a challenge not giving away all the goods just by picking up something off the floor. I remember in school I ALWAYS failed the finger test. [Okay, so THAT sounded completely wrong in about EVERY way imaginable!] The “finger test” is when you hold your arms by your sides. This is where the bottom of your shorts should meet the tips of your fingers. Well, first off, I have freakishly long thighs, THEN you throw in the orangutan arms, AND [of course] I failed the test, Mr. Principle, sir! SO, yea, I went short shopping and had THE most frustrating time. These shorts were one of the winners. They were about as long as I could get without going to the granny store. The tank is also new. It was way too colorful for this bright hue-obsessed lady to pass up :) the wedges are from last summer and I still love them to death. [Great purchase, Jenna!] The earrings I am wearing were created by a local artist. Her name is Dustee Womack. Now, I know they are a bit hard to see :( I didn’t really notice until I was in post, SO I guess you’ll just have to check them out later today on my Instagram to see them up close ;) they can be purchased at the Oceanside Museum of Art. AND if you’re not local, fear not! You can definitely call their museum store to purchase them. They will gladly ship them to YOU!

“It’s not really a shorter skirt. I just have longer legs . . . ” – Anna Kournikova

On one final [sadder] note, my beloved black Ray-Bans that you’ve seen a bunch of times here on my #stylecrazed posts, well, you will be seeing them no longer after today :( BUT that’s a story for tomorrow – so stay tuned!

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