Style Crazed: Layers

I’ve said it before and will continue to say it a million times more = San Diego has THE best weather! Why? There are honestly many reasons. BUT today, I’m talking about the summer months. When it’s hot during the day and still manages cool off at night. So much so [in fact] it can be down right chilly. That’s why the art of “layering” can be a SoCal gal’s best friend.

Style Crazed: Layers

Glasses: Ray-Ban / Necklace: Anthropologie

Tank Top: French Connection via Saks Off Fifth / Cardigan: Anthropologie

Pants: Target / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman via Saks Off Fifth

Where I grew up, summer nights were sticky and humid. That’s not the case in America’s Finest City. Nope. You need layers all year around and I absolutely LOVE that! It’s almost as if my winter clothes can flirt with my summer threads and make a little in between outfit baby ;) NOW that’s a heck of a cute notion AND something I can get behind 110%. Seriously. Go look in your closet right now and see how many combinations you can create just by merging the two seasons. The amount of new looks can almost be unreal.

“I imagine Heaven would have very nice weather – perfect climate where you can wear a leather jacket or shorts and a sweater.” – Hilary Rhonda

Honestly, this whole blog post has got this #stylecrazed lady looking at her available wardrobe in a completely different light – BRING ON THE LAYERS!

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