Farewell, Beloved Frames!

The predictable has happened and I’m honestly shocked it hasn’t occurred sooner :(

Farewell, Beloved Frames!

Yes, folks, I have lost my first pair of glasses – as in, it’s the first pair I’ve misplaced. I went to yoga on Thursday, changed into my prescription sunglasses after class, and somewhere between there and the drive home [POOF!] they were gone. The good news is, though, they were my cheapest pair. That’s why they were the ones I wore for upholstery work and yoga, because if something happened to them, I wouldn’t go into a downward spiral. I know it’s a silly thing to get upset about, but what can I say? I’m a farm girl who was raised to NOT waste money, so yea, I was pretty peeved with myself for a few days . . . AND completely tore apart my car, our house, and even, dug through trash! All to NO avail. And then, I had to tell D, but he was wonderful like usual! He said, “So? I’ve lost frames before. Go get yourself a new pair and stop sweating the small stuff.” Don’t you just adore him?! It’s so nice to have someone who doesn’t add insult to injury.

ANYWAY, this was the beginning of my eyeglass dance.

Since D gave me the go ahead for new glasses, on Saturday I went to this AWESOME eyeglass boutique in the Carlsbad Village called Andrews Optical. They have a phenomenal selection! Even so, I did have a little case of the bad news bears. My prescription was over 2 years old and because of California’s dang rules, it was no new glasses for Jenna without an eye exam. [Poop nugget!] Nevertheless, I figured since there was quite a bit of day left that LensCrafters could probably squeeze me in for an appointment, but nope, no such luck. [Double fail.] They could, however, schedule me for the following morning at 10:20 a.m. [Winner-winner!] SO, Sunday morning, I got up and went to get my eyes check. The plan was to get my eyes assessed, pick-up D, and go to Andrews Optical together. But since there was this weird spot underneath my left eye [not where you could see] the Optometrist asked me to have my left eye dilated AND since I’m a “better safe than sorry” kind of gal, I opted for it.

This brings us to yesterday, when me and D finally ran over to Andrews Optical for my new “work” glasses. See, since the eye appointment took longer than expect on Sunday and we already had tickets to see a movie, this errand had to be pushed to Monday. But that’s okay, because this was the easiest step in the whole entire process because:

1. I had already picked out a few pairs for D to see on Saturday.

2. Andrews Optical is ALWAYS oh-so-helpful.

3. It was really inexpensive to do a rush on the new frames.

Yep, so sometime today, I will be getting the call that they are ready for me :) and I CANNOT wait to show them to you. They are VERY old school and go really well with my line of work. Oh, and I also got another pair as well. A lady can never have too many pairs of glasses. Am I right or am I right? HAHA!!!

“Got up this morning and could not find my glasses. Finally had to seek assistance. Kate [Winslet] found them inside a flower arrangement.” ― Emma Thompson, The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay and Diaries: Bringing Jane Austen’s Novel to Film

Well, I’m sorry if I’m a little #rantastic today. It just cracks me up that one wrong step in a day can cause a whole domino effect of a week. And you just know with my luck, my beloved black Ray-Ban glasses will probably end up showing back up as soon as I get the new ones! But that’s life and sometimes you’ve got a roll with it!

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