Style Crazed: More Patterns Please!

When it comes to fashion, knowing your own individual style is THE most important thing.

For instance, I tend to gravitate to easy looks with lots of pattern power.


I mean take this #stylecrazed as an example.

Style Crazed: More Patterns Please!

Glasses: Ray-Ban / Dress: Anthropologie / Clutch & Heels: Kate Spade New York

This dress was an instant obsession of mine as soon as I saw it – one of those “I must own you or I might surely die” pieces. It’s almost as if I’m wearing a piece of Frank Lloyd Wright’s brilliant stain glass. And the material . . . OH, THE MATERIAL! It’s heavenly = silky to the skin and [I must add] pretty wrinkly free. Then you add a trusty clutch and some cute heels, AND, well, you’ve got yourself a look that’s bound to get some attention ;)

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.” – Anonymous

So what types of clothing do you fancy?

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  1. Ashley says:

    Love all of the patterns and colors in this dress! You look great. For me, I’m a small pattern (dots or stripes) girl and I love to mix and match.

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