Style Crazed: An In-Between

Mother Nature has been one confused lady as of late.

She’s hot.

She’s cold.

She doesn’t know what she is.

I guess that’s why she’s deemed a female ;) I know I can feel like that at times = very indecisive . . . especially when it comes to my wardrobe options. Recently, I’ve had many women tell me that they want me to go shopping with them to help pick out their clothes, and honestly, I’m flattered and happy to do so. However, it’s not like it’s some stealthy secret. I wear what I like and what I truly feel comfortable in. I mean being on top of present trends is also a bonus! BUT, at the end of the day, that’s simply what I do. I can’t completely tell you what you like, because you are the holder of that particular key.

Style Crazed: An In-Between

Glasses: Prada / Earrings: Target / Sweatshirt: J.Crew

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Sandals: Target

Now, as I’ve stated before in my last few #stylecrazed posts, warmer weather clothing really stresses me out. In addition, Southern California likes to throw a wrench in the mix by always dropping its temps off at night; SO one always needs layers for any look, even in the summertime! But, that’s what inspired today’s ensemble. It’s THEE in-between casual look. The sun is shining, the weather’s warm, but the breeze is cool – just chilly enough outside that you need a sweatshirt.

“Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.” – Adriana Lima

And I’ve learned to recognize when I’ve definitely tapped into the real me fashion-wise, because in the past few weeks, I’ve worn the above look more times than any other current threads in my closet. That’s what you’ve got to do: start identifying what you feel great in and head straight down that path. Us, women, have the tendency to make “finding the perfect outfit” harder than it actually is. SO, take my advice, ignore our estrogen-filled bodies, and go with your gut!

[QUICK SIDENOTE: D, along with many others, has acknowledged to me my addiction to my iPhone, and although, I initially was in disagreement with them, I quickly realized during this particular shoot that they are sorely right :( adding this to my self-evolution list now! Ha, ha.]

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