Don’t Be Your Own Fool

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

We are officially one-fourth through 2014.

What, the what?!

I honestly cannot believe it’s already April. Where the heck did January, February, and March go? I mean I know life’s busy, but it’s kind of scary how quickly it goes. I’m not going to say “sometimes” either because whether we like it or not, the new norm in our society is the need for speed. And I’m not even talking about with our cars or even the drug itself. Everything in life is so sudden. We just need to go fast. All. The. Time. And I don’t like! I’m sitting here at my desk this morning, staring at my 2014 to-do’s, and dang it! The year is getting away from me somehow . . . just like yesterday, I was outside, letting the fur babies do their business in the yard, and I thought, “Wow. Look how great all our plants look.” Well, it’s Spring, Jenna. Get with the program.

Don't Be Your Own Fool

I must reevaluate how I spend my hours each day. I want to put more into my hours, so I can spend less of them working. I have a great life and it’s foolish of me to keep living this way. I’m not devoting enough of it to the little things [the stuff that matters most] = D, our dogs, my creativity, the way it feels to be outside – you get the picture. I must continue to evolve so I don’t end up unhappy at the end of my own story.

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it.” – Jack Handey

So, here’s to this week! May the change in seasons and the flip of your calendar, blossom a new gumption inside of you ;) I sure know it has for me.

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