Weak Shoulders

WOW! That did NOT feel like I had anticipated :(

Saturday was the first official day of Peace Love & Yoga’s 31-day challenge, March Madness, and boy, it was rough! My hamstrings were tight. My hips were angry. And my shoulders, well, my shoulders were weak = per the usual. I know most of it was due to the fact that Saturday was also my first date back with my mat after a week hiatus, BUT it still caused personal frustration. I mean I’ve come to terms with my taut hammy-hams and dysfunctional flexors ;) I just hope this month-long test helps build some much-needed strength in my arm hooks.


See, my upper body power is pretty feeble AND it’s one of the major bearers between inversions and myself. I was a runner AND showed horses for 12+ years, so there’s no wonder that my entire forte is in my legs. But no worries, because I have a plan! Besides completing 31 classes in March, I’m also going to do this L-shape wall exercise every day.


I was shown this maneuver by Peace Love & Yoga’s very own sensational teacher, Garry Alesio, and figured if I do this twice a day for 30-seconds each, I might actually help move along my progress of what I can sustain. It’s not, by any means, a complete solution. I’m only trying to give myself a little shove in the desired direction :) TIME will most likely be my best benefactor – which is something I completely ran out of yesterday.


Yeeeaaa, I never made it to the studio for Day 2 of the Madness. I woke up and decided to organize my upholstery studio . . . which quickly turned into an all-day venture . . . that I only stopped when the Oscars came on. SO, I guess someone is having a two-class day sometime this week!

“Do not ask for less responsibility to be free and relaxed – ask for more strength!” – Shengyan

Are there any areas you wish to improve on?

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