That’s “Downward Dog” Fantastic!

One week from today, yogis, we will be done with Peace Love & Yoga’s 31-day challenge = March Madness!


Since I was SOOO tired on Friday and my practice was SOOO rough on Saturday :( I actually took yesterday [Sunday] off from my mat and had a fun-filled day with my D . . . and you know what? It was SOOO worth it! We watched little basketball, drank red wine, and enjoyed some laughs = the perfect Sunday Fun Day!

That’s “Downward Dog” Fantastic!

And I honestly don’t feel bad about taking a day-off from yoga, because, all of us [March Madness-ers] are working really hard. I don’t know if I’ve said this yet, BUT I am really impressed by each and every one of you who signed up for this extreme test of mind, body, and spirit! It’s not an easy task. I can contest to that. I mean I’m the crazy lady who signed up for it a second year in a row ;) and I know I don’t know all of you participating, but there is just something about seeing all of your stars up there on that March Madness board. It fills me with such #instanthappy. You should be proud. There’s only seven days left. You took a dare on YOU and you’re winning!

“This yoga should be practiced with firm determination and perseverance, without any mental reservation or doubts.” – Bhagavad Gita

So here’s to the last days of the MADNESS :) I know we can ALL finish strong!

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  1. Christy L says:

    Its been such a fun journey, Im really excited this last week to make it really count… I was running full speed till about the last week and I had a few work related events that came up. Im working to catch up my last few stars, Ive been keeping track of the start count at home and its been exciting and fun to work out the timing and after doing a few double classes to keep my count going. Im really thankful for this great studio with such wonderful teachers and fun friends. Cant wait to see the 31st and know that I achieved this goal.

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