Style Crazed: Spring Fever

We’ve all been experiencing it = SPRING FEVER.

Yep, due to that prognosticating rodent and his dang shadow ;) it’s been a six-week wait before any remedy was in sight!

But thanks to today [that beautiful Spring Equinox] consistent highs are, with any luck, not too far off.

Style Crazed: Spring Fever

Glasses: Prada / Necklace: Kate Spade Saturday / Blouse: J.Crew

Pants: c/o Spiegel / Pumps: DSW

And although it’s ALWAYS bittersweet for me to put away my sweaters for another season, I am SOOO ready for warmer weather and longer days :) hopefully, today’s #stylecrazed will help bring a little “spring” into your mood as well and get you excited about the new fashions “blooming” in every store. I personally struggle each and every year with this and I’m not totally sure why :( like I mentioned last week, I AM a “Catch 22.” I adore fall/winter clothing but absolutely despise a cold climate . . . and then the pleasant temperatures finally get here and I find myself standing in our closet being livid about trying to find something to wear! I plan to change this year, however, and this outfit is the first step towards that. It’s perfect. The top gives the right amount of springtime punch without some annoying floral print. These Reese Pants by Spiegel provide a lighter option for pants with a great stretchy feel and enough coverage while Mother Nature gets her coldness under control. Then you add a unique necklace and some beautiful navy pumps and you got yourself nice “go-to” threads for Easter or any other springtide event!

“Spring is the mischief in me.” – Robert Frost

Now, I just have to will myself to go shorts/swimsuit shopping [grrr] my least favorite thing in the world!

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