LLM Loves: March 2014

The end of March is almost here, which means three things:

1. Peace Love & Yoga’s 31-day challenge is almost over.

2. I need to file my taxes :/


3. It’s time to share with you my favorite products of the month!

LLM Loves: March 2014

#1. The Wolf of Wall Street

Okay, so if you haven’t heard about this movie yet, please get out from under that rock you’ve been living and go see it. It’s this story about a New York stockholder that goes from wanting the American dream to being obsessed with corporate greed. It’s absolute craziness and really entertaining. Leonard DiCaprio stars and is great [like usual] and Jonah Hill, well, he’s insanely talented and is much more than his usual comedic roles.

#2. Uncorked Sunrise Balloon Flight

A couple Sundays ago, me and D finally used our Living Social coupon to see the beautiful Temecula landscape from the sky at sunrise. Besides the 6:00 a.m. flight, it WAS an amazing experience. If you have the opportunity to go up in a hot air balloon, do it. You won’t be sorry.

#3. Bai5 Congo Pear

To say “I love this drink” is a complete understatement. It’s tastes like you’re eating the world’s most perfect pear. And the best part is it’s not like other “juices” that are filled with junk. It’s 100% natural, filled with antioxidants, and is gluten free! But that’s not even the best part. It’s also only 5 calories!

#4. Spiegel’s Reese Pant

As you know, spring/summer clothing always stresses me out, but thanks to these pants I recently got from Spiegel, I’m feeling better about this closet issue. They’re soft, stretchy, and come in a few different hues. PLUS, they’re currently on sale!

#5. Live Happy Magazine

I don’t know how this happened, but I didn’t know about this magazine until last week . . . when I noticed it at the checkout at Sprouts. It’s filled with such awesome insight about happiness and leaves you wanting more and more and more. I will definitely be subscribing to this one soon!

#6. +d & Yohei Oki’s Birdie Paper Knife

Yes, I am still working on my office [lol] but no desk is complete without a nice letter opener. So I bought this one! The fact it’s shaped like a bird is just an added bonus.

#7. Jean Wells “Good Humor” Coffee Table Book

My “Jean Wells” obsession continues to grown and now I have her coffee table book! It’s filled with pictures of some of her absolute gorgeous mosaic, larger-than-life sculptures. You can buy your copy too from the Oceanside Museum of Art’s store. A little bird even told me that they ship!

#8. Foster The People: Supermodel

Who doesn’t love these guys?! I do have to say it WAS a really long wait for their sophomore album, but the new tunes are perfect on the ears, so I forgive you, Foster ;)

#9. Chuao Chocolatier “Potato Chip” Chocolate Bar

Chuao Chocolatier [pronounced chew-WOW) is my go-to for a chocolate fix. They have these insane flavor combinations AND this one is my current addiction. They’re actually located right here in Carlsbad and have an online store. I send them as gifts all the time.

#10. A5+ Powered Bookshelf Speaker System in Bamboo

These are the speakers from our record player setup that I shared with you yesterday. They are exactly what I wanted – contemporary in design and self-powered, which meant no amplifier needed :D WHOO-HOO!

“If you don’t share, you don’t care.” – Adelle Hamm

So there you have it = my March loves. Feel free to share with me some of your favorite products by dropping me an email to Jenna [AT] luckylittlemustardseed [DOT] com as I’m always game for new exciting stuff!

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