Style Crazed: The Monica Geller

Ever have one of those outfits that make you remember something?

You know like a wedding or trip or some other milestone . . .

But how about a T.V. Show?

Style Crazed: Monica Geller

Glasses: Ray-Ban / Blouse: Victoria’s Secret /  Earrings, Pants, & Flats: Target

I’m honestly not even sure why. Every single time I wear today’s #stylecrazed look, I think about my all-time favorite sitcom, Friends, and its character, Monica Geller. Maybe it’s the 90’s-ish blouse? OR the fact I have black hair ;) but whatever the reason, it sure does brings a smile to my face.

“This is not like learning to ride a horse, this is like learning to grow a turtle neck.” – Monica Geller, Friends

And that’s exactly how ALL clothing should make you feel: good in side – just like a belly laugh from an actor’s punch line!

P.S. – My bangs had a mind of their own today. GRRR.

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