All The Wiser

Guess what I get to do today???

Upholster a chair?


Try a new restaurant?

I wish.

Another “Movie Monday” with D?

If only!

Nope, I get to have the extreme pleasure of having my fifth wisdom tooth removed!

All The Wiser

Yes, you sadly read that right :( needless to say, I’m in one foul mood, people; probably one of the worst I have EVER been in – especially since I thought I was done with this whole ordeal back in my junior year of high school. BUT NOOO, I have to be some sort of freak who produces more than her average share of useless teeth. [Sigh.] Not to mention the fact that my dental insurance isn’t covering this operation, so it’s coming all out of pocket = $1800 I’ll NEVER see again.


And I am sorry. I know this sort of post is probably catching all y’all off guard, but Jenna needs to vent. It’s frustrating, you know?! Last time, I swelled up so large it looked like I didn’t even own a neck AND I had visible bruises on both sides of my face. For. Months.

So how did this come to be?

Well, this past Fall, I had some jaw pain start, so I decided to be a good little teeth owner and go to the dentist to find out what was the matter. I just did not in a million years think that a FIFTH wisdom tooth was even an option:

“The pain you are experiencing, Miss, is from your wisdom tooth is coming in.”

“Umm, that not possible, SIR, because I had them removed over 10 years ago.”

“This is your x-ray and that’s a wisdom tooth.”


“Happiness is your dentist telling you it won’t hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill.“ – Johnny Carson

Yep, my dentist sure showed me . . . all the way down to his referral to an oral surgeon :/ and that’s where I get to be at 10 a.m. [WINNER-WINNER] reclined in a chair, under anesthesia, having my insane knowledge cut straight from my gums. Lol! I honestly have to laugh to keep from crying, SO wish me luck AND bring on the painkillers and applesauce!


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  1. Bekka says:

    oh Jenna I am so sorry!! Glad that you have a sense of humor about it ( : and also enjoyed your little vent…you’re human and you gotta vent sometimes! Hope recovery goes well!

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