LLM Loves: January 2014

The month of January sure went off in a hurry.

[Can you believe this Saturday will be February 1st?!]

I mean I’ve barely made writing “2014” a habit, BUT I guess that’s what happens when you’re loving life and keeping busy!

Anyway, the past couple of days I’ve been mulling over some additional content choices for the New Year and decided to start sharing with you some of the great stuff I find on a monthly basis.

How does that sound?

Well, like it or not ;) here you go!

Picture Collage of LLM Loves: January 2014

#1. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

The best book I have read in a long time for personal growth. I honestly think EVERYONE should study it. You can find my personal book review here.

#2. Novogratz Collection “Smile” 16-oz. Mug

This couple continues to amaze me with their insane design talent = who could ever have a grumpy morning with a coffee cup like that!

#3. EOS Lip Balm in Tangerine

I thought after I found Burt’s Bees I would never buy another lip balm again. Boy, was I sadly mistaken! Their stuff is great and this new Tangerine smells so invigorating. Now, if only I can convince the Dachshund it’s not a chew toy . . .

#4. Mpix

Sorry, Shutterfly! But after a few undesirable deliveries, I had to move on. My photographer friend, KP Imagery By Design, is actually the person who turned me onto these guys. Their prints are beyond perfect and the hues are really breathtaking.

#5. Umbra Specs Paperclips

Since I’ve been diligently working on an office space to call my very own [more details soon!], I’ve been adding little fun things here and there. I obtained these adorable clips at Paper Source and had to have them. They’re just perfect for any girl with glasses!

#6. Beyoncé’s New Album

This album is the definition of a true artist. I mean come on! 14 new songs along with 17 new videos AND you kept it all a secret until you released them all at once?!?!?! A-MAZING.

#7. Kombucha

Okay, so I just discovered this stuff. [Yes, I might be locked away in my upholstery studio a little too much.] My friend, Mitzi, introduced it to me and I’m truly addicted. It’s so yummy and so good for you too. The best place to get it in North County is the Hill Street Café in Oceanside. You can either buy it by the glass or by the growler.

#8. Kate Spade New York “Fortunes” Hybrid Hardshell iPhone Case

I am SO in love with this new case. If only it would last forever [sigh] because I like to drop my iPhone [A LOT].

#9. CB2’s 6-Piece “Delish” Wire Letter Set

These are the newest art installation in our home. I just hung them up in the kitchen. They are funky and oh-so-fun to look at!

#10. Liar’s Dice

This is me and D’s new favorite game. It’s kind of like poker but with dice. I created our very own set with these cups and those dice. You can learn out how to play it here.

“I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad.” – Sound of Music

I believe “LLM Loves” is going to be a nice monthly addition to LLM – you can share your products with me by dropping an email to Jenna [AT] luckylittlemustardseed [DOT] com.

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