Liar’s Dice

I love to play games . . . I mean not the relationship type, but more with cards and such ;)

Anyway, I have a new FAVORITE: Liar’s Dice!

Have you heard of it?


Well, until a few weekends ago, I had no idea what it was. We learned about it at our friends, Matt & Leslie, on Leslie’s birthday and it was so much fun. Liar’s Dice is a classic dice game played with two or more players and all you need is a cup and the same amount of dice for each player. It involves luck, deception, and the ability to read your opponents. D said it reminds him of poker, except with dice, but since I don’t know how to play poker, it was all news to me!

Okay, here’s how you play:

Each round begins with players shaking whatever amount of dice the group decides on around in their cups and bringing it down on the table with the dice underneath, keeping the dice concealed from everyone except themselves. Going clockwise around the room, each player in turn calls out a quantity of a certain dice face value they believe is on the table. For example, “four 3’s” means that you claim that there are at least four dice with the face value 3 on the table. Each player then subsequently calls out a higher hand than the previous. Either the number of identical dice must be higher or the face value must be larger or both. For instance, two 3’s is greater than three 2’s.

Make sense?

The game becomes a real blast once the players start calling each other’s bluffs. So, instead of calling out a higher hand on his/her turn, a player can call on the previous player by saying “liar” or any other choice word you may choose [lol] when this is happens, all players reveal their dice. If the challenged player cannot make the quantity of the called dice face value he/she claimed was on the table, the player has to give up one of his/her dice. If the bluff is false, then the challenger loses a dice.

It’s all right if it’s not making complete sense. I honestly had a difficult time with it at first [I never said I was the brightest Crayola in the box] but once I figured it out, I was in love!

So, how does one win this crazy game?

Well, as more and more players call each other’s bluffs, less and less dice are in play. And with less dice on the table, it’s easier for one to know when someone is lying, because large quantities of dice face values are not likely. Thus making there be less and less players in the game. Finally, whomever has the only dice left in the game = WINS! Sounds pretty fun, right?!

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein

And, since we clearly enjoyed Liar’s Dice that evening, I have already [of course] bought me and D a set – I just cannot wait to have people over to play!

What are some of your favorite games?

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